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1911heaven 11-06-2013 11:23 AM

4.7L Exhaust upgrade help!
Hi everyone just looking for some input from those who have upgraded their exhaust on the 4.7L 2002 Quad cab. I want to do dual exhaust but I'm not strictly after sound only, would like to gain a little from the money spent. I like the sound and look of the Flowmaster 50 series but not sure how it compares to the 40 series or the Magnaflow. I'm kinda lost and don't know where to start! I have been reading that a Y pipe with single in and dual out is a good route for this truck to avoid losing low end torque?? Really just need a good setup with a deep tone and a few pony gains coupled with a CAI. Any input is greatly appreciated! -Chris

brandonjansen 11-06-2013 07:58 PM

You aren't really going to gain much out of just an exhaust. The difference between Magnaflow and Flowmaster will be very minimal, especially on a 4.7. I'd honestly go with whatever you think sounds better.

Magnaflow will flow slightly better because of it's straight through design while the Flowmaster will be louder because of it's chambered design. IMO the 50 Series HD muffler is a great choice. Nice and loud when you get on it, but no highway drone at cruising speed.
Swapping out the Y-pipe is also a great idea since the stock one is very restrictive. IMO just swap that out and then get a cat back dual exhaust system. I had the Flowmaster American Thunder system on my 4.7 and it sounded great (came with a 50 Series HD muffler). There's a sound clip linked in my signature below if you're interested.

Hornet 11-07-2013 12:07 AM

I have the Magnaflow dual exhaust kit on my 2013 4.7, the truck lost precious bottem end torque,it gets it back above 4,000 rpm till it short shifts itself at 5600 rpm,but how often do you drive at those rpm's.
I'd do as suggested above,a decent single in/single out muffler on the stock 3" pipe.
3" pipe is lots big enough for a 4.7,the muffler leaves a bit to be desired though.
I've looked at swapping the Y pipe as it is a bit crushed.
Not sure there's enough exhaust flow from the little 4.7 to make the y-pipe a restriction though
I have the AirRaid CAI and a ported 78mm throttle body on mine,can't say as i'd spend the money again.
If i was doing it again,i'd knife edge the stock throttle body and build a ram air kit for the stock airbox,and keep close to a 1,000 bucks in my pocket,but that's only my personal opinion

FrenicX 11-23-2013 04:53 PM

Check out spintech, they are great on the 4.7.

snrusnak 11-26-2013 10:59 AM

With duals you want either 2.25" or 2.5" max diameter. For single do at least 2.5" and 3" max. I have 2.5" duals to 3" single on my 4.7 and didn't lose any power anywhere. Also didn't gain 100hp but feels stronger all around, and sounds great. I recommend a straight through muffler, I find chambered to be "tinny" and annoying sounding.

Hornet 11-26-2013 12:16 PM

Are they the stock head pipes Sean,if so,they're only 2.25" to the 3" single.
I'd avoid dual 2.5" pipes,that's what mine are with the Magnaflow kit,and i honestly don't think the truck would spin the back tires on ice.
I lost a pile of torque under 4,000 rpm,truck pulls like gang busters after that for 287 cubes,but man waiting for it to get to 4,000 rpm takes forever,lol.
After 4,000 it puts a smile on my face though:smileup:

Come this spring i'll probably put the stock pipe back on with a decent Magnaflow muffler instead of the Magnaflow dual exhuast kit.
Truck does sound really good though,wife loves it,lol

snrusnak 11-26-2013 12:22 PM

Stock is 2.5" before the cats and 2.25"(roughly, it's actually not exact) after the cats then after the y pipe it's 3" single.

Right now I have a short section of 2.25" after the cats, then 2.5" dual to 3" single with cats. Redoing the whole exhaust friday will be similar but no cats and all 2.5" before the y.

Hornet 11-26-2013 06:28 PM

I'll be damned,you're right.
Figured it was nice enough today to finally put my drain hose on my Moroso catch can,figured while i'm under the truck i'd check up on you,lol
I had measured my pipes after the cats awhile ago,but had never reached up and measured before the cats.
Lad you impress the hell outta me,you know these trucks pretty good,lol:smileup:

snrusnak 11-26-2013 07:21 PM

lol I did the opposite, when I ordered pipe I measured before the cats and not after. It was quite a shock when I held the new 2.5" pipe to weld in there and it was a different size. That was one of those "OH F*CK" moments lol. So we made "ghetto" collectors by cutting slots int he larger pipe and hammering it down on the smaller pipe, then welding it all up(needed the truck the next day). One of the main reasons I want to redo it.

That's the only reason I happen to know that so well lol

Hornet 11-26-2013 08:02 PM

LMAO,i know what you mean.
Worst thing is then you're madder then hell at yourself.
I've called myself a few dumb-ass names over the years:i_rolleyes:.

I'm really curious how your exhaust turns out,keep us posted.
Now you got me thinking about mine too,aw crap,lol:shy:

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