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tdub2112 12-08-2013 07:01 PM

Truck dying while driving, but idles fine.
Well, I had this same problem last winter, but we fixed it. Problem is, I don't remember what fixed it.

This has only started since it's gotten cold, much like it did last year. My truck seems to hunt A LITTLE for an idle. It's not major shifts, but it's there. Performance is all there, runs great when it runs. It will still sit and idle to warm up for 10 minutes but after sometimes only 5 minutes or less of actual driving, the engine will die, and the oil pressure light will come on. I do have 10W-30 in instead of 5W-30 in right now, so that can effect things, but up until this past year, that has never been an issue.

I could understand getting low oil pressure at idle and the engine dying because it can't pump oil at a good enough rate, but when I have rpms up out driving i would think it would be fine.

So tomorrow (hopefully it warms up) I'll check out the IAC and see if it's clean. From what I understand it can get some carbon buildup and start acting erratically. Anything else I can do/look into. We have an OBDII code reader. Should I plug her in and see if anything is amiss there?

Thanks all!

hydrex 12-08-2013 07:19 PM

Plug your tester in check for codes. Then you won't be pissin in the wind.

Warlock III 12-09-2013 06:03 PM

Also check the back-pressure out of the exhaust when you start it up. See if it diminishes as it gets warmer.

tdub2112 12-17-2013 02:47 PM

Between some birthdays, Christmas, and a wedding, I finally remembered that I even had a 3 legged truck out in the driveway. I usually take the family Impala around town, so the problem never came up.

Anyway. I plugged the OBDII into her and I get a P0711 code, which is a Transmission Fluid Tempurature Sensor Circuit Range/Performance. But I don't feel like this would be a problem with the idle, losing oil pressure and dying. But what do I know?

The truck warms up at about 1500 rpm, but slowly settles down to 750 and hunts for an idle from 1000-750 after a minute or two.

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