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SShadow1974 12-12-2013 01:15 PM

1st time using a block heater... & Climate questions
So, this is my first vehicle with a block heater... Been through the forums found a few tips. Just want to make sure what I saw today is what I should expect.

At 5am this morning, it was -12c... Plugged in the block heater with a 12awg extension cord. Fast forwards to 8:30am. Hopped into truck, and took a look at the temps on the EVIC.
Coolant 20c
Oil 6c
(don't remember the others)
Is this expected temps after 3.5h of the block heater on? Obviously it's working, but is it working well?

So obviously had no issues starting the truck - but my main reason (beyond reducing wear and tear from cold start ups) was to hopefully get heat out of the heaters sooner... I usually have to drive (50km/h zone) at least 15 minutes before I start getting any amount of heat.

Is this normal behaviour?
By the time I dropped my wife off at work, coolant temp was above 80c and the oil was just above 60c but the air blowing out was luke warm.
It wasn't until the way back home (now probably 20min into the drive) that it started getting toasty in the cab.

Another question, I have a REAR defrost button... But my rear window does not look like it has elements through the glass like my previous two vehicles did. Is the REAR defrost button only turning on the heated mirrors? Or is there actually some type of defrost mechanism that I'm not seeing?

And final question (for now) is my Climate on my 8.4a has just a slider for warm and cold... Is there any way to update the system (probably through the dealer?) to have a selectable temperature (like specifying 20c?). I was hoping that the climate would have the AUTO function - but obviously there is some higher grade of 8.4a out there that has this?

boomer 12-27-2013 09:37 PM

I plug mine in when its around 0 F or lower at the start of my work shift or at the time I get home for the night, and as far as most people I work with are the same way. As far is rear defrost mine has no defrost elements either but the button does seem to clear out the visbility issues at least between the back headrest.

Asur 12-27-2013 10:20 PM

2hrs plug in time will bring the temps up 32 degrees from whatever outdoor temp it is, 4 hrs, 36degrees, this is what block heaters do, after 4hr it will just waste energy and will never get any higher then the 32 degrees up from the outside temp. So at -32 your engine will end up at 0 if you plug it in for 2hrs.

gcscott 12-28-2013 07:58 AM

A rear window defroster is a option ($150), not a standard item for your truck. The back window will have the wires in the glass and the slider. Check your window sticker for the defroster option.

If you do not have the wires in the window the button controls the heated mirrors.

Auto Climate is also an option and can not be added after by the dealers.


Two Dog 01-04-2014 05:21 PM

I only bother with the block heater when its below -30C. Just had a week of -40 weather and all my vehicles fired up easily.

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