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SlowRed57 12-26-2013 03:59 AM

2006 Volvo S60R vs Me
My friend just bought a 2006 volvo s60r, anyway he was telling me how they come stock with 300hp on stock boost @ 13psi but his is on 16psi with MBC. I was like thats awesome man, then out of no where he was like dude I would smash on your truck. I'm lighter then you and my 0-60 stock is 5.9 seconds. Wow its like that huh? So its going down after that kind of talk. We are on the way to the spot super secluded btw and we decided taking the hwy there is faster. On the hwy he keeps pulling next to me and doing his BOV then takes off, does a couple of fly bys. At this point I really wanted to floor it but I stayed calm. So we get to the spot and he was like lets do a 35 roll Ill shut down when I cant see you in my mirror anymore. lol He 3 honks it, "the Hemi loves 35 rolls" instantly the truck pulls the volvo 3-4 cars and I shut down. We go to sheets after to get food and he was like...dude wtf was that? I was looking at Rams on youtube they run 17s 1/4 miles. You should of just told me you were going to win I just wasted money on gas. The whole day he talked about buying a bigger turbo :LOL:

shawnu 12-26-2013 11:11 AM

2006 Volvo S60R vs Me
good stuff. its always fun to suprise people. my friend just got a sonata 2.0t and wants to race, that thing suprised me for sure and will make for a good race. but with all the rain we havent been able to have a chance.

good kill story!!!

theGSE10 12-28-2013 10:55 PM

Nice man! My last car was a 2004 S60R (with only a CAI). I'll admit it was a quick car and cound definitely take corners like a go-cart but in a straight line the Ram feels so much faster. I never got to do a direct comparison cause it was sold right before I bought the truck but I'm glad you answered that question for me :smileup:

SlowRed57 01-05-2014 12:55 AM

well....that victory was short lived... told him to go out and get Superchips, gut the cat and buy a fuel pres reg. Now he puts the hurting on me. I cant come close on a roll cause that little bastard brake boosts and hardly get the jump on him 0-60 then passes me like a bat outa hell. lol Hes on 1.9bar now, stock they're 1.0bar=300hp. Not sure on hp for the new setup but if id have to guess its making 375whp-400?

theGSE10 01-10-2014 10:06 AM

To be honest with you he better dial it back a bit or get a bigger turbo soon or he's gonna burn it up. Don't get me wrong those Volvo's are almost bulletproof but 1.9bar is like 27.5psi. I think the best tunes out there, Rica and ViVA, only pushed around 23 psi max. Unless he's gonna upgrade the intercoolers and start modding internals he's gonna be pushing his luck.

But yeah that Haldex awd can will make anyone into a pro, it'll launch with the best of them. Loved that car, only downfall was it's really susceptible to heat soak....ask any owner, they know. :thk: Race him again on a real hot day in the summer after driving it around for a while...I'd expect him to still win....but not by nearly as much.

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