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dodgeramowner2002 05-20-2009 09:38 PM

Smell Antifreeze on Start-up
I have a 2002 dodge ram withe the 4.7 liter v8. it has 78K miles. I am losing approx 1/4 inch of antifreeze from the resevior a week. when I start the vehicle I smell antifreeze inthe engine compartment. It seems like I smell a little from the exhaust as well.(hard to tell) I see no antifreeze around the manifols or the heads. I am not losing any on the ground or overheating. is this a small crack in the head gasket or head that is to hard to see? is there anything else that this could be. the only thing I have done is replace the thermostat but there is no leakage around that. please help!

08quadram 05-21-2009 12:03 AM

If you are smelling it from the exhaust, you have either a cracked block, head, or blown head gasket. Easiest way to tell that is with a compression test. make sure all the cylinders are approx the same. If you have a cylinder with much less compression that the rest, that could be the problem. Also to a pressure test on the cooling system. It should hold 16 lbs or what ever the specification is. If it doesn't you have a leak. 1/4 of an inch isn't very much. I'd think if it was burning coolant, it would be more than that. My guess is a leak somewhere and after it warms up the engine heat causes it to evaporate.

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