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wayfast1500 07-26-2009 11:10 PM

Bonneville Dodge/KIA Manchester NH-pics inside
My dad refered me to this dealership after having a good experience with them. I went in there August '08 and found my truck. The truck was advertised with all the options-A/C, exhaust, ect. When I test drove the truck I noted to the sales associate that the A/C was not working and I would want that fixed. He told me they would fix it for me within the week at no charge so I bought the truck that night. I made the mistake of not getting it in writing, so when I called to setup the appt the next day he told me to just recharge it myself. I tried that, there is air in the line so just charging it did not work. I called him back, let him know he said he could not fix it because there was not enough cash in my trade in to make it worth it for him and I accepted that since I did not get it in writing.

6 weeks later I was commuting to school on the highway. It was around 8am, I was going with highway traffic (65-70mph). I noticed the truck swaying real bad, went around a sharp turn on the highway and my rear left tire flew off. All 5 studs snapped at the same place, tire was gone, brake rotor was on the other side of the highway. I had the truck towed to that dealership, keep in mind I only had the truck 6 weeks, did not take it off road/have any loads in it/tow ect. That day they seemed to work with me told me they had to inspect it to figure out what went wrong and would get back to me. Later on that day they tell me it was my fault the tire came off I have to pay the 2500.00 in damage. I walk in the next day, find the service manager and ask him to explain what I could have done to cause it. He told me I was making it up the tire never fell off since there was no damage to the truck body. I point out all 5 snapped studs, my brake backer plate ground 1/4 of the way down and the bent axle. I told him the shop over torqued the studs and it caused them to snap since they were put to their yield point. He said their guns only go to 200ft/lbs I told him hes lying since I could go to walmart and buy a gun that goes higher than that. He said I must have been doing roll backs so I explained I was on the highway and the left tire does not get power its the right. Needless to say I told him to get my truck off his lift and I had it towed to a different shop.

I picked up the service records for the truck, sure enough a few days before I bought it they had that tire off for brake work, and knew the A/C was not working. I walk in with the window sticker and service record, tell the sales manager I'll get him a few quotes to have the A/C repaired and he can write me a check for the lowest one but they would not be touching the truck again, and if he did not like it I would take them to court for false advertisment since they sold the truck with A/C knowing it was not working. He said he would give me a hour diagnostic for free, and I reluctantly made the mistake of taking him up on it figuring there was not much damage they could do with a dye test. I was wrong I picked the truck up a hour later, they did not latch my hood, put a slash in my tire, and ripped out a bolt for my new billet grill. Sorry for the long post, but I would never buy a water out of their vending machine, so if anyones in the area stay away from these people they almost got me killed!

CdnoilRAM 07-27-2009 12:21 AM

That is a classic case of over-torqued studs. Man, I would be so pissed with those guys. My bro is a service manager at a chain shop and says he's seen it before. It's the shop's responsibility, so if they refuse to pay for the damages, this is a case for the courts, as it's liability for the retailer and goes against their shop record, which if they have enough, their shop liscence can (and has for dealerships) been revoked.

I'm glad to hear that you're alright, that could've gone a bad way for you in traffic. And keep at these guys, their best hope is that you'll give up and just walk away from it.

wayfast1500 07-27-2009 01:59 AM

It happened back in october. I ended up going to the head service manager and getting their insurance company info and filing a claim. I'm in college as a welding major so I actually took one of the snapped studs into the metalurgy lab to examine it and the professor proved the stud was stressed to past the elastic state of the steel. I tried to file a claim with the better business bureau, they did not want a part of it. My insurance company is still suing theirs. I wish I could have gotten a picture of the service managers face when he realized I knew what I was talking about when I started to explain exactly what was wrong. They had their insurance appraiser assess the damage and for some reason he did not see any damage even though the truck looked exactly as it did in the photo's (taken the same day in their parking lot) and could not come up with a explaination except it was a mechanical failure.

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