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rayzor 08-18-2009 05:50 PM

O/D tranny problem..need help please.
ok heres the deal... i have a 99 ram 1500 slt 5.2 , ok when driving everything is fine for about a half hour or so then out of no where the O/D off light comes on and the truck drops out of O/D, the button on the shifter does nothing at this point, then after 10 minutes or so the light goes out and it goes back into O/D.
I have seen some stuff about selonoids and electrical but no fixable solutions.
also i do not get any check engine light, took it to autozone and had them check the ecm but nothing as far as errors or codes. so i am taking to my local dealer...they say it needs to be hooked to a computer directly to and for the tranny , hopefully this will shed some light on the situation. but if anyone has any ideas in the mean time i would appreciate them, thanks in advance.
I will post my finding from the dealer once i get done.

98sst 08-18-2009 06:17 PM

well I reccomend that for driving that involved frequent stops that you turn o/d off. A lot of Crown Victoria police cars has their transmissions go bad because of the over drive system being on all the time. I'm not sure if you drive aggressive or not but the overdrive was responsible for these tranny failures. I'm not too sure what the problem may be but I hope its not too expensive!

Toms Blue Ram 1500 08-18-2009 10:38 PM

May be an output speed sensor problem .

erm 08-18-2009 11:04 PM

Yeah, the output speed sensor may be acting up or it's the transmission control module that's glitching. A momentary fault won't throw a code...they have to catch it in real time.

rayzor 08-19-2009 06:12 PM

ok i went to a tranny shop and the guy hooked it up to a computer...i was reading it with him and i seen something about the fluid pressure maybe low and a couple other things also...the fluid pressure struck me as odd cause a friend had just mentioned to me that his truck did the same thing and he put a new external tranny oil cooler on his truck and bypassed the inline check valve to the cooler and that solved the problem...he said he was told that it was a common problem with a dodge..that the check/ball valve in the fl;uid cooler line to plug or go bad and cause all kinds of problems. and as far as the tranny shop his answer was a $1550.00 dollar tranny i think i will go with a new HD cooler and see if that helps...i'll post my results.
thanks again everyone for the replies. cross your fingers lol.

Toms Blue Ram 1500 08-19-2009 06:26 PM

The inline check valve is in the rubber hose just orior to the cooler . I removed mine was a pain .

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