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Kens04 10-06-2009 09:05 AM

04 Launch Shudder -TSB-
Hey Folks, recently got my 04 ram and didnt notice during test drive (which I was pretty thorough, I guess not enough) but my truck has the launch shudder during take off. This is below 10mph and happens for just a quick second and feels as though my rear tires are spinning on wet pavement or im hitting a little washboard on a gravel road. There are instructions at Geno's garage on how to repair this but is out of my mechanical know how, plus it states the vehicle needs to be on a lift which I dont have access to. A guy wrote on **************** that he fixed his. Is there a DIY on this woth some pics that anyone knows of?? Below is what he wrote.

I bought a New truck and had launch shudder something awful. Did it from the time I left the lot. I bought it out of town so I took it home and tried to resolve the problem. I found that my 2 piece driveshaft yokes were not perfectly aligned. They were not far off but if you examine them carefully they were. Like the front shaft was at 12 and 6 on a clockface and the other shaft was 30 minutes different. My local dealer replaced the entire shaft and told me that they had problems with them. it was just welded improperly. This did not take care of all of it....... I had to make a 1/4 inch shim to bring the carrier bearing down some. This solved the problem. I just used a piece of flat stock 1/4 by 1.5 by 8 inches long. Drilled two 7/16 holes in it 6 5/8 inches apart. You will need to get 2 new bolts metric 10 x 40 mm x 1.5 pitch a couple flat washers and locks. Problem solved, real smooth now..... how many others are out there?

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