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J1M 10-12-2009 12:01 AM

Gear Question
As you all know i have been talking about getting ready for a gear swap from a 3:55 to a 3:92. i just recently ran into a guy who did just that and said that the gear swap still gave him the same problem; he wasn't able to keep his 3.7L from constantly shifting in and out of overdrive. although it did help it still did not completely alleviate the problem. is anyone owning a standard cab dodge with the 3.7 and running dodge 3:92's in it w/auto trans, if so how does it run with it?


olredhead 10-13-2009 11:59 AM

Jim , just curious as to what speeds your problem occurs. I have the same setup, reg cab short bed, 3.7,3.55's and have never noticed it shifting in and out. Course I drive like an old granny, could be the reason. Max

J1M 10-17-2009 08:27 PM

doesn't matter the speed
Max, if im doing 55 or 105 if the truck hits the slightest incline it cannot maintain its self in over drive and continuously shifts in and out of o/d. i have ran into several different people that have ran into this problem, and recently one with the 3:92 ratio and stated he wished he would have went up to the 4:10. im not sure if i just got a dud from the dealer but the truck is a true gutless wonder. not saying that i expect v-8 power from it but there is absolutley no power or torque comming from this engine what so ever. im thinking about ripping it out, finding a wrecked cummins and swappin that in there! lol any help you can offer would be great!


Toms Blue Ram 1500 10-17-2009 08:43 PM

I wonder if there aren't some hot rod parts available , programmer , camshaft , headers or anything that will free up some horsepower . When I put the 35's on my truck , I noticed that when I climb this certain bridge on my way to work that the truck can't maintain 65 mph . Even stepping into the gas easy trying to maintain it ends up kicking out of lockup , then downshifting into 3rd and tachs 3200 rpm till I crest the top . I have purchased a Hypertech which didn't help (what a waste of money) , set of headers (which I need to install) and have contacted a cam company about my issue and they suggested a new cam to get me back into the power range . By the way I am running 4.10's in mine . Might want to see whats available . Contact a cam company and tell them what you have and see what they recommend . Let them know your gear ratio and tire size and that will help with their decision . Let me know how you make out . Tom

J1M 10-18-2009 10:51 AM


I'm still running everything stock on the truck except intake and exhaust, in the past i used to just upgrade to upgrade and with this truck im taking it very slow and researching every angle before upgrading anything, as of now i am between 3:92 or 4:10 problably will go with the 3:92 and the next upgrade being an sts turbo system to compensate any lack of power after the gear upgrade. so far i have found that with the 3.7L with the 3:92 will better stay in the power band but still at times will have an issue of shifting in and out of o/d on the slightest incline of the road regardless of the speed you are running. sts claims that you can increase your horse power by 100 with only 5lbs of boost meaning that no upgrades to the enigine would be necessary minus what it would take to bolt on the turbo system. im definately not looking to turn it into a hot rod, but a respectable daily driver that would be able to handle minor tows such as a boat or similar.


Toms Blue Ram 1500 10-18-2009 12:00 PM

I know your gonna sink alot of money into a turbo ($). Might want to see whats available with a camshaft change first . Camshaft might be around $300.00 . Woudn't hurt to check .

J1M 10-18-2009 05:42 PM

I did look into cams, actually a roller rocker set up. at best i would only be looking at a 15 hp tops increase and thats with an angle on the cam working from about 1500-5000 rpms; not crazy radical but does give a decent amount of lope without having to change injectors or fuel ratings, the cams would have to be custom made as there are no accurate after market cams as of yet. and seeing that this engine has been around for quite some time, i don't forsee anything comming up to soon. i agree that it would be a rather expensive investment, but so far i have yet to see a truly bad side in this specific turbo system. it has several tuning options that help prevent from being to mild or too wild. after talking to the sts team it would be no problem to develop a low to middle high range spooling rate which is where im trying to achieve for the low to middle end torgue and hp. if you know of a cam shop that can offer more im definately interested.


Rexfiles 10-26-2009 11:43 AM

Plenty of power!
I cannot speak for anyone else. But my truck ('09 Reg cab longbed 2wd 3.7), has plenty of power for me, Better than my old 1995 Chevy 2500 extended cab longbed w/5.7 (was NEW Jasper motor...)

Just to let you know I ain't no "granny";) when it comes to power, I have a "modded" '06 4.0 Mustang that has tripped the clocks at 14.5 @ 101 mph, and a Dual Carb, SUPERCHARGED, 355 CID, 4 speed '68 Camaro. No time on that, but w/500+ HP at the crank, I would say 12's are entirely within its capability.

Have ALSO drag raced Alky burning dragsters and Funny Cars, last time May '06. (Big Block injected ET Dragster on alcohol, 4.62 @ 147 1/8th mile) :Wow1:

Also own FIVE bikes, including a 2000 American King V which has a 350/300 horse Chevy between my legs.

No braggin' (although it very much seems like it), I just state all this, because w/my experience w/brute power, I still feel this 3.7 is VERY satisfying.

And no, it AIN'T a Hemi............

COULD be, it's just me:4-dontknow:


J1M 12-14-2009 12:39 AM

yeah the "09" 3/7 gotta nice HP boost i believe they are up int the 280's now where as my "08" is sitting at 215. also the longs beds come with a better gear ratio at a 3:92 and the short beds are at a 3:55. i think i would have been happy with it if i would have gone with the manual trans rather than the 4spd auto. Also just a heads up to everyone i just picked a sick set of chrome 20's that i will be looking to trade for the 07-08 big horn addition wheels either polished aluminum or powder coated silver... pics to follow!


RamTech 12-14-2009 10:32 PM

If you find a set of cams for the 3.7 in the aftermarket, let me know. My Dakota is the same way when I haul my 4 wheeler and I have 3.92 gears.

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