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griffin407c 10-27-2009 03:21 PM

Yet another HID problem
Alright fellas... first time poster here. Go easy on me. I don't own a Ram personally, but I have a buddy who does. It's an '02 Ram 3500 with the cummins diesel. I realize this has been beaten to a pulp, but I need help.

I'm installing a set of Mod Express HIDs, the same HIDs I put in my 2005 Toyota Tacoma, into his truck. The Mod Express kit is a very well set up kit. Everything is plug-n-play. The kit includes the bi-xenon bulbs and the bi-xenon control. Everything is set up properly and grounded very well. The truck has a plow harness installed as well (but I don't think that is/will be an issue).

I'm having the "flickering" problem though. :doh:

Before I first knew this was an issue, I contacted Mod Express. They said the aux relay harness may or may not solve the problem. So, they ship me the relay harness for free. Praying that this would solve the problem.... it didn't. Still getting the flicker.

So, I did a lot of research on here and learned about adding resistors and/or capacitors inline will solve the problem. I found that a member on a 300 forum posted this ( on one of the Ram threads here, offering it as a suggestion for a fix. No one actually said if it would work or not (it did work for the guy that owns the 300 though). The capacitors are wired just before the plug that connects into the ballast.

My question is will this capacitor idea fix my problem? I just went to radio shack and bought the same exact brand and size resistor shown in the pic on the 300 forum. My buddy and I plan on trying this solution tonight. Quick replies would be nice of you guys. Thanks in advance.

dodgeman70592 10-27-2009 03:31 PM

Resistor should work, try a 6ohm 50 watt or a 8ohm 20 watt on each side

griffin407c 10-27-2009 03:48 PM

who, what, when, where?

dodgeman70592 10-27-2009 04:18 PM

Ok, I will try to explain this the best way I can.....
Your HID kit comes with bulbs with a positive and negative wire coming off of it. The resistor should jump between those two wires. You also will probably need a relay, and from what I can tell in your original post you have.
There should be 4 prongs on that relay, 1 is constant power (direct to battery) 1 is remote turn on (wire from dash switch to headlight connector) 1 for turn on of accessory (your case HIDs) 1 for ground of relay and accessory.
Now, what you do is 1:Run a FUSED wire from your battery to the constant on the relay. 2: Run ground wire from both Negative wires on HId to ground prong on relay. 3: Run ground wire from negative battery post or good chassis ground to ground prong on relay (same prong as in step 2) 4: Run turn on wire from vehicle oem plug (low beam) to turn on prong on relay. 5: splice in resistor between posi/neg wires on harness coming from HID bulb. 6: Run positive wire from HID kit to last prong

Now....sice you have a bi-xenon kit you will have to connect (which are probably a little red and little black wire coming off of your bulb) to the high beam side and ground from the oem plug

I dont have any pictures to help you, and I hope this didnt confuse you, but when it comes to HID and Dodges, its kinda like oil & water. You can always pm or call 3b specialties, one of our vendors here, they can give you help as well

griffin407c 10-27-2009 04:21 PM

^ that helps out a bit man. the relay is an entire prewired harness. no need to do some of the things you stated. i'll do some trial and error tonight... for the 3rd time. oh well. one of these days it will work.

any word of advice from anyone else?

dodgeman70592 10-27-2009 04:37 PM

Read here

dodgeman70592 10-27-2009 04:39 PM

Look at the diagram for Dodge rams

griffin407c 10-27-2009 05:17 PM


Originally Posted by dodgeman70592 (Post 96191)

the pic is perfect.

which direction though does the resistor face? aren't there directions for resistors?

going with the picture....

----> this way? or <---- this way?

Toms Blue Ram 1500 10-27-2009 05:23 PM

Let us know how you make out .

dodgeman70592 10-27-2009 05:25 PM

Doesnt matter on a resistor, only matters if you were using a capacitor, but a capacitor is basically a vessel to store energy, or current. The resistor on the other hand only allows X amout through. Dodge electrical systems are a little tricky, you basically have to fool it. The HID lights are a pain, put if you follow instructions, its SHOULD work....I say should b/c there is always an exception to the rule. So to sum it up, resistor=unidirectional, capacitor=not Good luck!

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