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GPSHSLAX 11-02-2009 02:26 PM

Bad oil change
For anyone who was following my other thread about oil everywhere.

My truck got to the dealership today. I called ahead to let them know it was coming and that all the oil was out of the system. They started the truck anyway and then told me they heard engine noise and shut it off. Then they looked under the hood and was the mess. :fca5278d: What's the point of letting them know if they start the truck and potentially damage the engine anyway?

They they call me back an hour later and tell me whomever did the last oil change double gasketed the oil filter and caused the problem, so it won't be covered by the warranty. So next I call Midas in Gainesville (360 miles away) and tell them. The manager there is all appologies and tells me, "Don't worry buddy, we'll take care of it for you". He even offers to call the dealership for me and take care of it. That's wonderfull except the dealership doesn't want to talk to him. Giving them the benefit out the doubt I think it's because they are busy and all, but it makes me suspicious when they return my calls and tell me they don't have time to talk to him.

In any case right now I am on the hook for another oil change and a diagnostic fee, which Midas is supposed to cover. God help me if there is any other damage.

By the way, it still doesn't make sence to me that the oil sprayed out of the filter and ended up everywhere. I mean the filter is under the right side of the engine, how could that spray oil on top of the air box 180 degree's around the the far side of the block? Please, all those wiser than I weigh in on this.

I'm just so angry I can barely speak.

chithead 11-02-2009 02:40 PM

You'd be surprised how much that oil can spray once it is released. Hate to say this is a common problem, but I have seen it before.

Sorry to hear about it, hopefully there is no internal damage. If so, Dodge needs to fix it and Midas needs to pay for it.

Bobcat06 11-02-2009 02:55 PM

Yea I agree, if the engine is damaged Midas needs to pay for it. It sounds like they have already admitted guilt which is the first step. Now getting them to pay for it. Good luck with that, hopefully there isn't much damage.

USMCRONIN1 11-02-2009 03:03 PM

When all else fails, just drop the Better Business Bureau's name around and there sphincter will be so tight a greased BB couldn't fit through it. Happened to one of my Marines here in VA where Jimmy Lube messed up his car, and as soon as he said BBB, they were droppin money left and right to get his car squared away.

Toms Blue Ram 1500 11-02-2009 03:36 PM

Step back and take a deep breathe . There is nothing you can do right now . No sense in giving yourself a stroke over it . Tell them you need a comparable vehicle to drive , now . You need trasportation for work . It will get fixed . If things get out of hand you can always get an attorney . Let him handle it . Did the motor tap or knock ? Tapping would be a definite thing , but would quiet up shortly . Knocking now , thats a different story . Lets see what they come back with . Let us know . If theres any questions you need answered feel free to post or shoot a pm . Talk to ya soon . Tom

foxcrazy90 11-02-2009 03:59 PM

good luck!!!!! that sucks!!!

XabuJr 11-02-2009 04:10 PM

I'd call BS on why they can't talk to the Midas folks. They need to square the billing around for that whole situation, so if they're "too busy" to talk to them, then maybe a call to the dealer GM will free up some time. Either way you shouldn't be billed a dime for anything.

08greybeast 11-02-2009 04:15 PM

Midas is at fault. Theres no way around it. If they ignor you, you get a lawyer. Its all in there computer systems. I am sure they have the same brand oil filters, so make sure you have the dealership note it down. That way they can't get you with the, well he could of did the oil change afterwords.....and if they do try to screw you...DEF get a lawyer and get a free hemi engine installed.

I wouldn't worry bout it..yea, you might have to fork over some money to continue with your daily routines..but you will get the money back.

When i worked at firestone, one of my general service guys forgot to tighted the lugs on a enterprise rental car...LUCKLY the enterprise was right down the road...they called and said it wobbled like i sent the kid there..and sure enough..he didn't tighten point is, you have proof they did it...and they cant deny it.

Good luck.


08greybeast 11-02-2009 04:17 PM

Oh yea...+1 on the too busy things...i would get the number to the actual manager of the dealer ship and note down the ******* sales rep thats TOO BUSY.....They are there to serve you, not the other way are the customer...too i of gone off on that prick.

ETRob 11-02-2009 04:24 PM

This Stinks
This stinks! Get Midas to fix this! I own a 1969 Olds 98 drop-top in addition to my 3 HEMI's in the TX DODGE Garage. I had new tires and a complete fluid change done at a local tire shop. They did not re-install my rear Differential housing plug after C/O of Differential oil. I then went appox. 5 miles to another local shop to have a new Exhaust system installed. When they put this "classic" up in the lift; the on the entire rear end (on a White car) :smiledown::nutkick: 99.9% of very expensive oil was gone. What did they (local tire shop) do? They sent the Tech-ie to exhaust place with missing plug and sufficient lub. That’s it. I returned to tire people and they were unconcerned about this. No compensation. No apology. To sum things up; If they did this to my “classic” treasure; what would they do to my EDD in my DODGE fleet?
Everyone on this forum ( as well as my sister forums) loves these RAM’s. After all; that is why we joined up in this forum. Hope your engine is OK.

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