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ramridge 12-22-2009 08:11 PM

Binding noise/vibration coming from front end..
This has been a major issue that no one has been able to figure out so far. I have a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 44 Quad Cab Laramie SLT. For the past 2 1/2 years I have been having a vibration coming from the front end. It comes and goes and seems to show up more so when I hit a bump in the road or a bridge or something. If I let off the gas peddle and press on it again then it goes away. It has gotten a lot worse since right after I got the front passenger side universal joint replaced about a two weeks ago. Don't know if that has anything to do with it. I still have the same vibration, but I also have a vibration/binding noise coming from the same area in the front end. The binding noise is kinda like a roaring sound when driving over a draw bridge down in florida. Anyways.. same thing.. if I hit a bridge or a bump in the road it triggers it, but this time I have to slow down to about 30-35 mph to get it to stop. Sometimes it will eventually stop on it's own, but not usually. Once I slow down to about 30-35 mph then I can speed back up and I'm back in business. Until the next bump in the road. The front differential is leaking gear oil somewhere. I think it's coming out the passenger side, but not sure. I filled it and it seemed to be running better. The vibration was still there (not near as bad or as often), but I didn't hear any binding noise. It's been about a week since I refilled it with gear oil and now it's starting to make that binding noise again. Can someone help???

RamTech 12-22-2009 08:27 PM

Have you checked the steering damper? I get the impression you're getting the "death wobble" and Dodge steering dampers aren't known to last.

ramridge 12-22-2009 08:32 PM

I replaced the steering damper about a month ago when i replaced the tie rods so I don't think thats it. I'll check it again though.

fuzzycali 12-22-2009 08:36 PM

Have u balanced your tires and aligned it since the dampner replacement. Rotate front tires to rear, cross rotate would be better.

fuzzycali 12-22-2009 08:37 PM

U may have a separated tire. Is the truck lifted?

ramridge 12-22-2009 08:39 PM

No the truck is not lifted. I aligned the tires, but did not balance them. I also rotated the front tires to the rear.

fuzzycali 12-22-2009 08:45 PM

Road force balance would be a great investment. About 40 bucks anywhere. This alone has resolved about 3 of my cases. NOT saying this is it, but it's a cheap start

fuzzycali 12-22-2009 08:46 PM

Did u check all the front end for worn parts before the alignment?

RamTech 12-22-2009 08:51 PM

A roaring sound that's gotten worse since an axle joint replacement makes me think wheel bearing.

ramridge 12-22-2009 09:17 PM

I checked everything in the front end for warn parts. Nothing that i could see.

Wheel bearings make since. I have had them checked by 3 mechanics and they all said they were good, but the way they checked them didn't seem thorough. 2 of them just pushed on the tire and the other guy free spun the tire then took the wheel hub assembly off and spun it with his hand. Like I said.. didn't seem thorough. Any ideas on how i could check to see if that was my problem besides having to just buy a new wheel hub assembly?

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