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HemiGTX 02-01-2010 12:08 AM

Not getting heat after water pump replacement
This is not for my truck, but for my dad's. Its a '96 ram 1500 5.2L 2wd. I got home yesterday from work, and he said when he was on his way home too when he noticed the truck began to overheat, the charging light came on, and he had a loss in power steering. I told him it had to be that his serpentine belt snapped if all that happened at once. So when I got home, I looked and his belt was still under the hood, but not on any of the pullies like I had thought. Well I then also noticed coolant was all over the engine bay, so I grabbed the fan blade and shook it, and realized the water pump had gone. So ~4 hours later in 10* weather, I had a new water pump in there for him, but once we started it up and let it warm up to finish topping off the coolant, we realized it wasn't blowing warm all. So I reved the engine up to 1500 rpms and kept it there to try and get the t-stat to open. It never did take down any more coolant from the overflow, and when reving it, it began to blow out nuke warm air. Not enough to warm the cab though. Then once i left off the gas, it went back to blowing cold.

So my question is, what could it be? The radiator was replaced about 5 months ago after it sprang a leak. And a full radiator flush was done after. The pass. floor board is wet, but only because his window seal has a leak. Does not smell of coolant, so i sorta ruled out the heater core. I'm thinking maybe the thermostat is stuck, or those door flaps in the dash are stuck closed. The truck is not over heating at all now.

Was just curious if anyone knew what it would most likely be before I go back out in the cold to fix it.

Toms Blue Ram 1500 02-01-2010 12:17 AM

Thats where I would start . Put a new thermostat in and see what that does . Some vehicles have a tendency to get the heater core air bound . What I have done in the past is take one of the heater hoses off at the heater core and fill the cooling system . Keep the heater hose off till coolant comes out of the open tube on the core . It may be necessary to put your thumb over the open hose till the heater core fills up with coolant . Once this happens be quick and reinstall the heater hose on the core . This pretty much assures you that you have bled the air out of the core . Good luck .

HemiGTX 02-01-2010 12:23 AM

thanks. also, one more thing i forgot to mention. the metal pipe that comes off the water pump and hooks up to the heater core hose. it seams to be leaking coolant from there just a little bit now. A. could this be the reason coolants not going to the heater core (if thats the problem), and B. How can I seal that pipe up better so it doesn't leak. I replaced the o-ring gasket on it when I did the water pump. Maybe like a little RTV sealant around the gasket too?

RamTech 02-01-2010 12:57 AM

You can try the rtv but don't hold your breath for it to work under pressure. My guess is you have an air bubble in the cooling system causing the heat problem.

HemiGTX 02-01-2010 02:53 AM

So the best thing to try right now would be pulling the hose off the heater core and letting it fill up with coolant? Or is there another way to rid the system of air pockets?

Also, with removing the heater core line, I'm guessing ones a feed line and the other a return line. Is there a way to tell which is which before I pull them, or is just a "pull a hose, and if coolant is coming out of the hose instead of the heater core, you've pulled the wrong hose" type a deal.

And once I do that, once I pull the hose, is it gonna allow coolant to begin to flow threw, or is it gonna need some suction to get it going?

Again, thanks for the help guys. Just want to know all the options before I spend my time out in the cold.

joeydm 12-13-2010 11:05 PM

possible air bubble blockage in the line too. Try putting you front end on a curb..pop open the radiator cap and run the engine.( once its warmed up and the thermostat opened) See if you get a big bubble of air to work its way out.

speedymph1000 01-04-2011 12:51 AM

I'm having a problem with My heat too. close to the same problem, but I think it may be a air bubble because I can hear the coolant in My heater core running through it when I turn the truck off. Does this sound like the problem? If so I need to see about how to fix it?

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