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strang3majik 03-11-2010 07:00 PM

My Omni GLH Project
Hey all,

I haven't really mentioned this little project much here, or even posted a, I figured I'd fill everyone in :p

Its ugly, I know...but, I got the car from a lady that lives near me. She bought it brand new in 1985 as her first new car (2nd car altogether), and drove it until 1994 when the a/c quit, and she had another car that she started driving instead, and, it sat, not so much as getting the door opened form 1994 til about this time last year when I picked it up from her.

She gave me the car since I told her I was going to fix it up (she had multiple people offer her money to scrap it, but she wouldn't)....but, she also gave me the original window sticker, build sheet, temp tag it came home with, owner's manual, and dealer brochure booklet for the 1985 Pretty cool stuff.

But, when I got it, it was in need of help and didn't run. but, a new water pump and electric fuel pump (yes, its carbureated and has an electric fuel pump...why I don't know), a hot battery and some fresh fuel, and she fired right up.
Took it out and ran the crap out of it the other day, and, i think I blew all the crap out of it, because, now, it'll sit there and purr like a kitten, start right up, and not bog out nearly as much. Also will spin the tire (FWD 1 wheeled like nothing, and thats on the same plugs, wires, coil, oil, and uncleaned

Coming to her is a new paint job (very soon), and a Eaton M62 supercharger (be different then turbo). Should be pretty fun when its done. Also, upgraded to 4 wheel discs (all from the junkyard).

Not one part on the car right now is new, minus the water pump and battery. The rest is all courtesy the local junkyard (which happened to have some new stuff

But, enough of my's some pics. :D

City Slicker 03-11-2010 07:03 PM

Nice pics! Looks like you got your hands full with this one!

bones64 03-11-2010 07:10 PM

:Wow1:I forgot they even made that car.................Sweet. Great project man. Has she seen what you have done to it?Lookin good so far if you ask me.:smileup:

GTyankee 03-11-2010 07:19 PM

looks like you have a real project on your hands
when you do the performance add ons, consider the pressure on the rings

Toms Blue Ram 1500 03-11-2010 08:17 PM

Got your work cut out for ya . Keep us updated on the progress .

strang3majik 03-11-2010 09:14 PM

haha...thanks guys. And, no, she hasn't seen it yet. I've told her about it though, I even told her she can drive it when its all done :p

But, it should be in primer next week, then, the supercharging commences :p Followed by a fresh coat of sante fe blue.
I have a whole interior waiting to go in it, but, I need to man up and buy a new carpet (carpets are impossible to find in good shape). Then, I can install the new seats and all and get that all back together.

But, I plan on having this car done by the end of my spring break here in at the end of March.
Its a project, but, the best part is, its a Florida car. The only cancerous (not surface) rust to speak of was on the floor, and, it was only pinholes, and taken care of now :p

Also, as far as the pressure on the rings and all...the engine appears brand spanking new inside and all. I'm going to be putting a turbo head on it with the hardened exhaust valves, and when I reinstall the head, I'll be using a head shim as well (Mopar Performance sells them) to lower the compression ration to prepare it for the supercharger.

But, its hard to kill the 2.2s. Theres guys yanking turbo ones out of peoples yards as well, and cleaning them up and running 20psi of boost through

I'm not that crazy, as the supercharger might make 6-7psi of boost, but, I'll still be taking precautions. Also, filled the cylinders with marble mystery oil and let it sit for a month with it in there...tell you what, it sounded different after it started, and like things were loosened up, that probably helped.

But, thanks for the compliments everyone!!! And, sorry for the novel

MightyBlueRam 03-11-2010 09:26 PM

Great work on the car! That's very interesting stuff. I too would love to see the progress.

strang3majik 03-11-2010 09:26 PM

also, its not as bad as it looks...the paint makes it look hideous (besides the simple fact of the ugliness of the car :p ), but, once its painted and the interior is put back together (maybe a day to do that), it'll look like a nice car (for an

Engine wise, its sound now...running cool, running well, but, not fast enough for, again with the junkyard parts.....the Eaton M62 supercharger is off of a GM 3800 V6, and is going to be pretty easy to be made to work.

But, the supercharger combined with the better flowing turbo head, hooker long tube header, and 3" exhaust, it should be around 175hp I'm hoping, which was the same as the GLHSs...but...thats being optimistic.

then again, it started with feels like it has that much though, being it actually runs pretty good, and is suprising it has as much power as it does for what it is...
header = 10hp
head = 10hp
exhaust = 10hp so, about 140 now...
then the supercharger, which should add anywhere from 40-50% more power, so, 45% of 140 is about overall.

Now, thats all rough estimates, but, if that is anywhere near right (which, I think I'm being generous on some things and underestimating others)...but, that would be more than enough for a 2000lb

I mean, the 175hp turbo/intercooled GLHSs on street tires were running 14.5 seconds....slicks knocked them down almost a whole second. Thats not bad for a FWD 4 banger :D

Okay...I'm done with my novel :shy:

ScatPak07 03-11-2010 09:27 PM

Looks like a big project! Well good luck to you man, sounds like a cool one

strang3majik 03-11-2010 09:32 PM


Originally Posted by bones64 (Post 171580)
:Wow1:I forgot they even made that car.................Sweet. Great project man. Has she seen what you have done to it?Lookin good so far if you ask me.:smileup:'re not the only one. I drove it....err...I mean trailered it, yeah, thats Down the street about a mile to a friend of mine's body shop, and the guys next door were out looking at it...
"Holy crap...I remember buddy used to have little car." lol

and, thanks again for the compliments least I have some support. Most say why...I just have to reply with, why not ;)

EDIT: Also figured I'd mention, they only made 800 of them in blue...and only a fraction of them were carburated, the majority were turbo.

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