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cartert1975 03-22-2010 10:13 PM

Dealer issue, being a baby or honest issue.

short version, all due bill parts were ordered incorrectly, mechanic joyriding in my new truck on a parts run, scratches on my truck and a service dept with a who gives a $hit attitude. read on for the sad details...

Took my new truck to the dealership today to satisfy my "due bill". It took 5 weeks for the dealership to get my running boards, bedliner, tow hooks and DVD system. Dropped the truck off this morning and the Service Writer Tim said that the truck would be ready by 3PM and he would call me. I told Tim that I would take my truck to the audio place myself to have the DVD system install because I didnt want anyone to drive my truck (outside the normal to and from the shop line to the shop).

I get a call at around 1:30 from tim telling the parts department had ordered the wrong tow hooks and he asked if I could leave the truck until tomorrow so they could finish everything up.

I said no, we were down to one car this week and I would need the truck today, no issue there. I get there at 4:15 and I look around the lot and my truck is nowhere to be seen, I ask Tim if my truck is ready and he said the Mechanic took it out for a "test drive", so my natural response was why does he need to test drive didnt do any mechanical work to it. Just then I see the mechanic come back on the lot. I turned to Tim and asked him again, why he was T/D my truck, he said he wanted to make sure the bedliner was installed properly and wasnt vibrating or lifting.

So I look any my truck and I notice that the the running boards are three step boards and not the standard two step units for the CC 1500, then I tried to open the tailgate on my truck and the gate was jammed...

Turns out that the cover for the gate was the wrong one and didn't have the cut outs for the tailgate strikers.

So all of the parts that I waited 5 weeks for were ordered incorrectly, Im pissed at this point. I walk outside to get in my truck and leave to cool off and one of the Porters pulls a dirty car next to mine and starts to wash it sprays the entire side of my freshly detailer truck with water (hard water spots everywhere, will need to be completely clay barred).

So I get in the car and looked at the odometer and fuel gauge and.....

30 MILE ROAD TEST AND 1/4 OF GAS used, turns out the mechanic took my truck down the freeway to Memphis to buy a bedliner for my truck because the dealership ordered a quad cab liner instead of a CC liner and still got the wrong part!

So lets recap, waited 5 weeks for parts that were ALL ordered incorrectly, a joyriding mechanic on a parts run after the service writer was told no one was to drive my truck, and a 10" scratch in my rear passenger side door...

So I ask you, am I being a baby or would you be pissed off. Even if I didnt tell him not to drive it, would you think they would have called and asked me to take my car to a different city to buy partsor given me the option to wait for them to reorder the part? Here another gem, the truck I traded in was totaled the week after I traded it in by a manager that wasnt suppose to be driving it...

Oh and get this, the Mechanic changed my radio station, mirrors, and driving position...

iRESQu 03-22-2010 10:18 PM

I would be highly aggrevated. First, have you spoken with anyone in the Service Dept, perhaps the Manager? Everything you laid out here should be laid out to them with a detail of what you expect done to remedy this situation. Just my two cents. No, I don't think you're being a baby, how you handle it is a different story.

cartert1975 03-22-2010 10:31 PM

My salesman was mortified, I have bought 3 trucks there since May 2008 ($110K in Ccrs, retail). I spoke to the GM and he offered to top of my gas The sad part about all of this is these items were all part of the original sales agreement, so even if I wanted to go somewhere else to get these parts installed I can't...

erm 03-22-2010 10:43 PM

I'd have them make it all right, talk with the Service Manager...and if they don't, write a letter to the Regional Customer Service representative and copy the stealership.

RamTech 03-22-2010 10:55 PM

I can tell you for a fact the test driving to check the bed liner is complete BS. Remind them that you want Mopar accessories and not aftermarket.

MightyBlueRam 03-22-2010 11:06 PM

I don't think you are being a baby. I think it was wrong of them to drive your truck instead of using their own van or truck to pick up the parts. It was wrong of them to get your truck dirty. It was wrong of them not to have verified they were ordering the correct parts.

Rjohnson 03-22-2010 11:20 PM

I worked at a toyota dealer for 3yrs while I was in college and we had a mechanic who worked on all the cars from the used car lots. In 6 months he totalled 2 cars and wrecked 2 others. Unfortunately some of the mechanics dont respect the cars or the owners, obviously not all, but some. I would definitely complain because this could be a recurring issue they are not aware of, and at the very least I would want it all corrected. What are they saying about the 10" scratch?

Barnyard 03-22-2010 11:24 PM

Nope - You're not being a baby! You're the customer and Rule #1 states that the customer is always right! Rule #2: If the customer is wrong, see Rule #1!!! Stick to you guns and make them make it right! As soon as they do be sure and tell them you won't be back!

CdnoilRAM 03-23-2010 12:02 AM

I would be livid myself. I can understand waiting for parts, it does happen, but all that on top of bad service, misuse of personal property... I'd be hitting up the dealership owner/manager, followed by chryler's customer service line. if all else fails, there's always thumb screws and knee-capping.

OneShortOf 03-23-2010 12:57 AM

Not being a baby, I say you do all you can to hang them. Service departments justify what there piece o shyit employees do all the time. Had my issue with a dealer that was supposed to clear a air bag code for me . Long story short had video of there employees going through my truck and doing everything but clearing codes. Got offered a year worth of free service and a line of Bs that my truck was so nice they just had to see it. :strokin: I was like great you keep the truck and i will take one of the Vipers you have on the show room floor.

I say if you got the time and money make the dealer pay, do it just for the principal of the matter:smiley_thumbs_up:

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