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dropt02 04-20-2010 07:42 PM

going to bag the 02 ram
So im trying to gather a parts list so i can get the things i need to bag my ram.
but i have a few questions,

i need to know what size bags i should run with a 4.7 reg cab 2wd ram 1500
any idea where i can find bolt on parts for the bag setup or weeld in for mine, so itll make things easier

the plan is to run bag on lower bars with gussets and tubular arms on the front. going to get soime trailor fenders for the front and do the back liek that too and build a notch cover bc imn so low i bout need the notches and tubs now. any idea what kind of things will need relocated if i run 22s on it later on?

any help period will help me or ideas never bagged or helped bag on these b4

CdnoilRAM 04-20-2010 07:59 PM

You'l probably have to relocate the fuse box, battery, intake (or just get a BFI).

Check out, they have kits that are eady to go with a DC5000 compressor. Are you planning on hauling anything with the ram, will you need larger diameter bags for weight? If not, the D'nominator bags are really nice. I'd wait for greg to chime in as well since he's done more bagging jobs than I ever will.

dropt02 04-20-2010 08:14 PM

ill never haul a trailer may haul my atv for a lil while then later on probably not tow anything its still my daily for now.
ive got the k&n on the tb for now but i have a modled in ram air scoop i cqan always cut out and make functional if i have to the battery ill get the stuff and relocate to the bed, and fuse box and pcm things im tryin to figure out what ill have to do to them and want a/c and heat too since its my daily

bc ive seen and helped bagged other trucks buit enver did this kind of truck b4 so fiugred id ask so i knwo what im gettin into b4 i do this so i am prepared

GregInAtl 04-20-2010 08:17 PM

Hey man, I'd recommend making a few calls. Pick up a truckin mag and call the vendors and ask their opinions. (airbagit is a good one) Be very honest about you budget and result you wanna see. I see you have some of the details worked out w/ the fenders and such, but in some cases that isnt fully necessary. What will determine this is how low you go. Are you wanting to do drop spindles w/ the bags in the front? If you do a 22", will it be a short profile tire so its the same height as the rolling stock now?
As long as you can get someone elses knowledge for free, I'd always take it. I have bagged a few so I can tell you these few things you'll likely want;
-1/2" 8 valve set up or manifold
-2600 lb bags, not 2500...this is a bigger truck than an S-10
-pre-welded notch for the truck, eliminate the guess work since this is your first time
-if you can swing it, a pre wired plug and play kit. It'll save you 2-3 hours easy...and long term hassles.

Good luck and ask any questions you may have and I'll try to point you in the right direction.

dropt02 04-20-2010 08:30 PM

ive helped build 9-10 second 1/4 mile cars so im not completely fresh just to this kind of truck and be my own personal first bagged truck ive drove. i can do the wiring easy ive wired 4 rides without anything but the things i need bc im OCD when i do this i like havin it exactly where i want lol, dads done 4 linsk on race cars and can weld easily so welding isnt a prob, plus if i do the wiring ill make my own diagram to were everything goes and comes from lol i dont mind the time lol
thought bout doing re8s or something equal to it , plus ive got a high budget on this prolly spend 300-500/week or so on parts ot bag it, thought bout running tubular uppers and lower control arms so i still need spindles?
i plan on runnin a 22 with some sidewall on it if i do them bc were i live i need sidewall or all break a rim and bust tires, plus i have buddies who cna help and have bagged a few rides if i need at times
but the plan is running tubular control arms with parrallel 4 link with bag on lower bars with lower bar gussets, layin frame for now and i know i have to z the frame to make it set right uill have to get help on that whne i get that far. but if things dont change i may bag it on my stock rims and tires for now 245/65/17s for the time being, then going bigger but 22s with some meat not 4wd style but still sidewall.

but any help i can get will be appreciated bc i know every vehicle is diff and bc i helped bag these and those rides this truck is going to be diff in its own way

but i wanna keep the driveability with a/c and heat and i am willin to relocate things if needed

IF u could only see who close i am with my own drop right now from rubbing out my battery and messin up things on my 245s lol

GregInAtl 04-21-2010 10:18 AM

Cool, you have fab skills, thats important.
-The purpose of the drop spindle is simply to get the front to lay out since it generally wants to drop less than the rear. If youever see laid out rams they always look like the rear is lower, and thats w/ drop spindles most of the time...its just the way the truck sits on the frame and the ease of the rear to drop to the ground w/ minimal effort.
-I'd get a big rear frame notch, cut the bed floor out, and do the 4 link like you said. When done correctly it will ride great, handle well and wont give you fits w/ binding and drive-line issues.
In your shoes I'd buy an 8 valve 1/2" manifold set-up pre wired, w/ prewired switchbox, dual compressors and a big tank. Dont skimp on cheap connectors or switches...the little bit extra pays great dividends in short time. If getting all the good stuff mean you spend $1000 more, I'd do it, whats a few more weeks in the long run?! Make it easy to install and easy to repair if you are ever on the side of the road (it will happen if you ride on air long enough no matter how nice the parts and install are)

dropt02 04-21-2010 11:26 AM

the only reason i dont want to really buy a prewired setup is im pullin part of my interior doing sub box in bakc behind seat were storage box is that molds into a center console that blends in where the factory cupholders, ashtray is bc thats coming out and going to do guages and switches in a hidden panel in there for a clean out of the way look so i dont have a switch box thats out in the way

but yeh im not going to get anything cheap im going to get all urethane bushings for the front and rear ends so i dont have cheaper rubber ones in it, but yeh prewired stuff means id have ot cut the box apart and mount the switches in the console id rather have a panel in the custom console that has my gauges and switches in it that i can flip as piece and it covers it up for a clean look when i go to the shows but will be able to be seen when i drive

dropt02 04-21-2010 11:28 AM

going to run 2 good polished vaiar compressors with a fuel cell in the back of the frame were spare tire is with 2- 5 gallon aluminum tanks

GregInAtl 04-21-2010 04:58 PM


Originally Posted by dropt02 (Post 199691)
going to run 2 good polished vaiar compressors with a fuel cell in the back of the frame were spare tire is with 2- 5 gallon aluminum tanks

Sounds like you have it under control! :smileup: Take a ton of pics and keep us updated as the process gets underway.

dropt02 04-21-2010 06:05 PM

i plan to and as sooon as i get the stuff ill start bagging it over the weekends til shes done and rdy to go

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