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CustomShirts 05-06-2010 09:12 PM

Is my MOD Legal or Illegal?
Hello Rammers,

Now, I know most of us are law abiding drivers. Right? :Racing:

But do you know for sure if your MODs are legal in your state or county?

All states have various allowances and restrictions when it comes to MOD's on a motor vehicle intended for driving on public roads and highways. Lights, tires, suspensions and window tints are probably the most common, But there are some others you may find surprising to be restricted.

So how do you find out what is legal or not in your neck of the woods? One would think that the simple answer would be to ask a local police officer. Go ahead... try asking 2 different officers and you will probably get 2 different answers. So sometimes even the PoPo doesn't know. :4-dontknow:

The best way to find out is to contact your local DMV and/or research your local state codes regarding the laws on Vehicle Equipment. In some states the laws are further broken down and vary drastically from City to City or County to County. So do your homework first before you buy. It sucks to spend time and money on a MOD only to find out after another $200+ (by way of a ticket) that your MOD is illegal and has to be removed.

Below... is a list of US States and links to various documents including, Statutes, Articles and Sections references for that state. For those of you having questions like... "is this legal or not?"... this is a great starting point.

I hope this is helpful to you and if so... or if you can just appreciate all the work in BB Code I did to get this list to show up here properly... let me know by way of giving props, reps, etc, by clicking on the little "Scales of Justice" Icon at the top right corner of this post. :)

Thank you for your comments and support and see ya in the threads!

- Tim

CustomShirts 05-06-2010 09:13 PM

Regulation of Operation of Motor Vehicles: Equipment (AL Code Title 32, Ch. 5, scroll to Article 9)
Window Tinting (AL Code Title 32, Ch. 5C)

Vehicle Equipment Standards (AK Statutes scroll to section 28.05.081)

Equipment (ARS Title 28 scroll to 28-921 to 28-966)

Size and Load Regulations (AR Code Title 27, Ch. 35)
Equipment Regulations (AR Code Title 27, Ch. 37)

Division 12 - Equipment of Vehicles (scroll down) (California Vehicle Code)

Regulation of Vehicles and Traffic: Equipment (CRS Title 42 scroll to 42-4-201 to 42-4-239)

Motor Vehicles: Equipment (GSC Ch. 246 scroll to section 14-80 to 14-106)

Equipment Requirements (DE Code Title 21, Ch. 43, Subchapter I)
Lights (DE Code Title 21, Ch. 43, Subchapter II)

District of Columbia:
Browse the D.C. Vehicle Code (scroll to Title 50)

State Uniform Traffic Control: Equipment (FS Ch. 316 scroll to 316.217 to 316.455)

Vehicles and equipment (Georgia Code §sect; 40-8-7 to 40-8-90)

Street rod vehicle requirements (HRS section 286-26.5)

Vehicle Equipment (ID Statutes Title 49, Ch. 9)

Equipment of Vehicles (625 ILCS 5, Chapter 12)

Motor Vehicle Equipment (Indiana Code Title 9, Article 19)

Vehicle Equipment (IA Code Ch. 321 scroll to 321.384 to 321.481 )

Equipment of Vehicles (KS Statutes Ch. 8, Article 17)

Vehicle Equipment (KRS Chapter 189 scroll to sections .020 to .205)

Motor Vehicles and Traffic Regulation: Equipment (LRS Title 32 scroll to 32:301 to 32:369)
Low rider vehicles (LRS 32:297)
Proper equipment required on vehicles (LRS 32:53)

Equipment (MRS Title 29-A Chapter 17)

Equipment of Vehicles (MD Transp. Code Title 22)

Operation of unregistered or improperly equipped motor vehicles (90 MGL section 9)

Equipment (MI Vehicle Code sections 257.683 to 257.711)
After-Market Lighting [PDF] (MI State Police)
"High Rise" Vehicle Law [PDF] (MI State Police)

Traffic Regulations: Equipment (MN Statutes Ch. 169; scroll to 169.47 to 169.75)

Equipment and Identification (MS Code Title 63, Ch. 7)

Vehicle Equipment Regulations (MRS Chapter 307)

Vehicle Equipment (MCA Title 61, Ch. 9)

CustomShirts 05-06-2010 09:13 PM

Vehicle equipment and violations (R.R.S. Nebr. § 60-6, 220 et al.)

Equipment of Vehicles (NRS 484.541 to 484.646)

New Hampshire :
Equipment of Vehicles (NH Statutes Ch. 266)

New Jersey:
Motor vehicle equipment (NJ Statutes 39:3-46 to 39:3-84)

New Mexico:
Motor Vehicles: Equipment (NMS Ch. 66, Article 3 scroll to Part 9)

New York:
Equipment of Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles (NY Vehicle & Traffic Code Article 9)

North Carolina:
Motor Vehicle Act: Equipment (NCGS Ch. 20, Article 3 scroll to sections 20-122 to 20-137)

North Dakota:
Equipment of Vehicles [PDF] (ND Code Chapter 39-21)
Size, Width, and Height Restrictions [PDF] (ND Code Chapter 39-12)

Traffic Laws: Equipment (ORC Chapter 4513)

Vehicle equipment (OK Statutes Title 47 scroll to 47-12-101)

Vehicle Equipment Generally [PDF] (OR Vehicle Code Ch. 815)
Vehicle Equipment Lights [PDF] (OR Vehicle Code Ch. 816)

Equipment Standards [PDF] (PA Vehicle Code Ch. 41)
Lighting Equipment [PDF] (PA Vehicle Code Ch. 43)
Other Required Equipment [PDF] (PA Vehicle Code Ch. 45)

Rhode Island:
Equipment and Accessories Generally (RI Code Ch. 31-23)
Lighting Equipment and Reflectors (RI Code Ch. 31-24)

South Carolina:
Equipment and Identification (SC Code Title 56, Ch. 5 scroll to Article 35)

South Dakota:
Vehicle and Accessory Specifications (SD Codified Laws Ch. 32-15)
Wheels, Tires, and Special Vehicles (Ch. 32-19)
Weight, Size, and Load Restrictions (Ch. 32-22)

Equipment - Lighting Regulations (TN Code Title 55, Chapter 9)

Vehicle Equipment (TX Transp. Code Ch. 547)

Vehicle Equipment and Modifications (UT Code scroll to 41-6a-1603 to 41-6a-1641)

Operation of Vehicles: Equipment (23 VSA Ch. 13 scroll to sections 1221 to 1391)

Motor Vehicle and Equipment Safety (VA Code Title 46.2, Ch. 10)

Vehicle lighting and other equipment (RCW Chapter 46.37)

West Virginia:
Equipment (WV Code scroll to WVC 17C-15-1 to 17C-15-50)
Unsafe and improperly equipped vehicles (WV Code section 17C-15-1)

Equipment of Vehicles [PDF] (WI Code Chapter 347)

Equipment (WY Statutes Title 31, Chapter 5, Article 9)

iRESQu 05-06-2010 09:15 PM

It is very nice, thank you. I cannot rep you for a bit yet. I go through this GA law all the time regarding my lift and his halos on his Challenger. So I am VERY familiar with the GA auto laws.

hemiv8dodgeram1500 05-06-2010 09:18 PM

wow thats alot of work :rep:

CustomShirts 05-06-2010 09:21 PM

Appreciate it just the same Paris.

I have been going around in Circles in NY until I went to one of my T-Shirt Customer (NYPD Highway Patrol). One of the guys I deal with is a Capt. and he referred me to all sorts of information regarding NY, NJ & PA laws being thats where I travel a lot to. Then I started looking at the different states on my way to FL and TN and TX. So I figured a list of all states would be helpful for those of us who don't even know where to start or what to search. :)

Hope it is helpful to some of the members.

- Tim

strang3majik 05-06-2010 09:21 PM

it is illegal to modify your exhaust in any way other than stock replacement in the entire country. But...who listens to

CustomShirts 05-06-2010 09:24 PM

Thanx Hemi...

Strang... that is a perfect example of what I mean by some things would be surprising to find restrictions on. Last night at the Bagel Store some guy was telling me he got pulled over for having a Magnum system.. and the officer said it was too loud.

This is why peep need to know what and where to look for help.


ScatPak07 05-06-2010 09:24 PM

Where is Canada???

I am going to take away rep since it is not helpful at all!!!!! I'm gunna do it every day until you put some Canadian provinces up!!!

haha just kidding I never seen anyone ask for rep so much before, thats why I said that haha

I'm gunna send some rep your way, this will help a lot of members out!!! I wonder if there is a way to sticky this?? This is good to look at everytime you want to mod your truck!!!

droshemiram 05-06-2010 09:26 PM

Thank you now I have homework to do :SHOCKED: Thanks again for everything.:smileup:

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