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Carlwalski 05-20-2010 09:43 AM

My Dodge Ram's RHD Conversion
Hey guys,

Thought I'd share with you my 2006 Dodge Ram SRT/10's RHD conversion. It shows the main conversion process from start to finish. It's not something you guys get to witness everyday (if at all). It's a lot of coin to get it done professionally but it makes life a little easier being a daily/weekly runner in the land of the right hand. Took around 6 weeks to convert at Eagle Automotive in New Plymouth, New Zealand (of course) which is around 4-5 hours drive away from me. This conversion was done well before it was The Batram back in May/June, 2008. This was just to get it road legal, so the end result is a bone stock Night Runner. Looking back, it's been a while since it looked like that but I forgot how sexy it looked even in stock form. Dodge really hit the nail on the head with the SRT Night Runner Rams IMO.

This question would have come up so I'll answer it now. RHD laws: A vehicle must be converted to RHD if it's not older than 20 years at time of import. Eg: 2010 - 20 = 1990. Any vehicle older than 1990, like 1986 is fine and exempt. All other LHD cars must be converted (if they can be, not all can). Rams, Mustangs and F150s are the normal, others may not be convertible. You can "bypass" this law if you buy and own the vehicle in question for 90 days (or more) in the country of origin. You can then import it back, register it in your name and show your ownership in the US and it's fine to keep LHD. For me, I wanted RHD, for this truck. It took over 9 months to get this truck up the drive bone stock, RHD from the date I purchased it. A long wait but WELL worth it. :)


Freshly landed sitting at the import holding area/zone.

Filthy from transit.....poor thing lol

Engine prior to conversion

Interior prior to conversion

The factory MPH Speedometer cluster

The new OEM KPH Speedo imported from Canada

The RHD Conversion begins!

Protection galore. They're very thorough at Eagle.

New RHD firewall holes for brake booster and steering column, etc

From below.......

After being mocked up and painted

Underside with the transmission out

Carlwalski 05-20-2010 09:45 AM

More (due to photo limit):

The T56 6-Speed manual transmission out

Inside the cabin

The newly completed RHD dash!

Closer up, bloody mint!

The new RHD dash, KPH speedo, pedals and short shifter in place.....

From the (now) passenger side.

New RHD engine bay


From the passengers side

100% road legal: conversion complete, Vined, Reg, WOF, RHD cert/plate and NZ plates. Ready to roll......

A good groom, wash, wax & polish then on to the delivery truck and on it's way to it's new home

6/6/08 - truck arrives around noon

YEHAAAAAW! What a f#%ken BEAST!

Gently mate, gently...........

Carlwalski 05-20-2010 09:46 AM

Last lot.....:smileup:

New engine bay configuration in person

New brake, clutch, steering column setup, etc

From above.......

Another view.......

The "old" drivers side

The new RHD cockpit

The shifter and dash area.

New RHD driver controls

Up the drive after several trips taking the family for their first drive and getting use to it's size and driving habits

Safe and sound in it's new home!

City Slicker 05-20-2010 10:52 AM

All I can say is WOW! That was quite the process! Thanks for all the pics :smileup:

wermbang 05-20-2010 11:05 AM

That looks like a fun process.

RamTech 05-20-2010 11:14 AM

Astounding work. Props to all involved.

miller2013 05-21-2010 11:14 AM

That was awesome to see that whole process thanks!!

iRESQu 05-21-2010 11:39 AM

Thank you so much. That was really neat. Nice that you got it documented! Definitely something you don't see everyday. :rep:

speeddemon38b 05-22-2010 04:18 PM


MightyBlueRam 05-27-2010 02:49 PM

Great stuff! Didn't know that could be done. Thanks for the pictures! :rep:

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