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latitud 07-20-2010 09:35 AM

abs and brake light in the cluster
Well as I continue to find issues with the newly aquired truck, I am geting to them as I have time. Currently I am working on replacing the recirc door as mine is completely missing. Obviously the last owner had the HVAC serviced as it has several missing screws..but this isn't what I have a question on.

My question is that my instrument cluster has a few issues. When I first bought the truck, 9 out of 11 dash lights were burnt out. I replaced them and noticed that my emergency brake could be on and the light on the dash isn't on. I did the cluster diagnostics and the ABS light and the brake lights neither one light up. I have read that they are both LED's and are non serviceable and the cluster must be replaced....that seems expensive. So my questions are:
1. If I replace the cluster, how do I get the new cluster to register the correct mileage from the old cluster?
2. Do I just transfer the old keyless module from the back of the old one to the new one.
3. Is it possible to just solder new led's onto the existing board? and if so, what voltage led's should I use?

During the diagnostics I get and 03 ABS indicator output circuit shorted and 06 MIL indicator output circuit open and 64 Driver door lock switch input circuit open. I assume the 03 and 06 are a result of the fact that the LED's do not light up...does that sound correct?

Now judging from the fact that I can tell the Instrument cluster has been apart before I am wondering what could have happened to the led's since I can't imagine they would ever go out.

I find little things all the time, which I guess is normal when buying a used truck.

RamTech 07-21-2010 05:39 PM

If I'm not mistaken, no programming is needed for the '03 cluster. If you're referring to the security key module, it's not built into the cluster. Never tried soldering in new LED's but a good electronic repair shop should be able to help you out.

latitud 07-21-2010 10:59 PM

no security key required on mine. No transponder keys.
I mean if I have to replace the cluster with a new or used one, how do I get the mileage correct on the new one?

latitud 07-27-2010 02:15 PM

I got the cluster pulled and noticed a few screws were missing from the plastic cover that covered the circuit board. Once I got the cover off, I could see that one of the resistors labeled "621" was split in half and it was right in the area of where the ABS and BRAKE light would be. I can't see any way to repair this, so it looks like I am gonna need a new cluster.

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