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ramalamadingdong 07-30-2010 09:10 AM

Hot Air From Indy A/C
My truck was not driven for almost six years and now the A/C does not blow cold. I have heard that the A/C needs to be run, even in winter, in order to keep the seals lubricated. Could it be the seals and if so, is that a major expense?

What kind of mechanism keeps the side mirrors in place? I had them folded in and now they are very loose. They fold up against the truck at highway speeds.

The engine cranks for app. 5 seconds before starting otherwise runs great. Is it a problem with the primer on the fuel pump and if so, does the whole pump need to be replaced. Is the pump in the tank? Is that a pain in the arse job? 07-18-2012 03:29 PM

The A/C, if you hear the compressor come on and the air just isn't cold then it might be low on freon, have it charged and then see how long it last, it could be leaking seals.

The mirrors are a factory defect, all the trucks with chrome mirrors will eventully do this they are a piece of crap.....I used super glue very lightly so it wouldn't show until I can afford a new replacement, believe or not O'Reillys parts stores actually sells them aftermarket.

I don't think its the fuel pump, it might be but to know whether its the fuel pump or not you will need to have a tech. crank the engine and check the fuel pressure with a gauge on it and monitor the pres. also while driving, he can do this by hooking up an analog gauge and then its taped to the windshield while driving. It could be a crank sensor or a cam sensor as well???? Not sure I would just spend the big bucks it takes to have it professinally dianoised on something like that but you would want to make sure the tech who checks it knows your engine and vehicle.
Hope that helps.....

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