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RammD 07-31-2010 02:10 PM

Activating Side Heated Mirrors & Radio Traffic Warning Sign removal?
Just a couple of quick "curiosity" questions. I have power side heated mirrors and see the defrost emblem on each of them, but don't see anything in the owner's manual or any button to activate the "heat" function. This really isn't that important but I'm just curious if there's a button to activate the heat feature or is it automatic? I noticed the emblem on each of the mirrors matches that of the "defrost" I'm wondering if maybe I need to set the defrost function on my ac control panel for the rear window and that would activate the same in the side mirrors?

And 2 quick curiosity questions regarding the radio. I have the "REN" unit and have not seen a mute button anywhere..and that isn't in the owner's manual either. Is there any way to MUTE the unit?

And the last question is the warning traffic message that comes up when you start up and turn the unit have to hit "accept" to the obeying of traffic signs does go away within a few seconds but was just wondering if there was any way to permanently get rid of that warning sign all together. : )

Thanks in advance.

RootBeer 07-31-2010 02:19 PM

The side view mirror heat is controlled by the 3rd nob on the climate control, push the middle.

There is no mute, use the volume control or just push the on/off button.

The accept thing is on all gps's, its a safety thing.

RammD 07-31-2010 02:28 PM

@ Rootbeer, wow that was a quick response...thanks. The 3rd knob in the manual states it's for the rear window defrost..but as I mentioned I did notice the defrost emblems were on both mirrors so I figured that may do the trick for all 3...thanks for the confirmation...later in the year I'm sure i'll be using that option.

As far as the mute...turning the unit off is a one button thing so no biggie...was just curious if there was an option I know there isn't...thanks again.

And far as the message thing being on all gps'....there's no way at all to remove it? I know there are ways to do things like remove the seat belt I thought there may be a way to remove that warning notice. Because it goes away after a few seconds, it's really no big deal. If it stayed up for 30 seconds or you had to hit accept every single time, that could get annoying.....but it's pretty quick so I was just curious...if there's no way to remove least it's only there a few seconds each time. Thanks for the quick reply.

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