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RootBeer 08-12-2010 12:24 PM

TPMS Good Info
Was at the Dealer today dropping of RootBeer for some work they didn't get done before I picked her up. Service Adviser was really friendly and more than willing to talk to me about my truck.

One question I asked him was about the TPMS, in particular the sensors.

2010 models actually show the tire pressure for each tire in the EVIC. The SA told me the sending unit is at the base of the tire stem on the inside (for all models with TPMS). He told me that when the tires are rotated the system "learns" which tire is in which position.

Now, regarding getting new wheels for all models with TPMS. The SA told me the sensor can be taken off the old wheels, but new Dodge valve stems will need to be installed for the sensor/TPMS to work properly. That is IF you want the TPMS to work.

Personally, I like the TPMS, at least on the 2010. On my 09 I thought it was kind of a waste because it just warned you that you had a tire low, but you still had to get out and figure out which one. :D

chithead 08-12-2010 12:26 PM

Interesting... I have the set out of my 2008 rims and they couldn't get them to "talk" to the 2010 system. Apparently they are still broadcasting, just not a signal that the 2010 EVIC can interpret.

RootBeer 08-12-2010 12:28 PM

I would have thought the 2010 came stock with it. Shouldn't need to put the 08's in the wheels.

I would also think they would not talk because the 2010 is totally different system in that it tells you actual tire pressure.

CajunDodge 08-12-2010 01:15 PM

Good info there, RB! I like the system myself, even if I have to get out and figure out which tire is low, I'd rather have it than not.

- Cajun

1badram 08-12-2010 07:17 PM

When I changed my rims to xd monsters I put the tpms in the new rims with aftermarket valve stems and it still works fine.

Ruffian11 08-13-2010 01:15 AM

I work in a tire shop and after the many times of dealing with them i am bias towards hating them!! the systems are great...many cars pinpoint the which it is now, trust me not a good think cuz when you set one tire to 35PSI and another at like 34.8 PSI the customer can tell and some people don't understand that the .2PSI is so unnoticable its not funny!!! real pain in the ass!!

Also you have to watch you never put metal caps on the valve stems with sensors attached or leave caps off!! corrosion is the worst enemy of these and i have replaced tons of them due to them corroding!!

So i prefer the method of checking my pressures every month! haha but it is a great system none the less, especially that dodge relearns sensor position themselves! GM has to be manually reset!!

ram71351 08-18-2010 03:56 AM

Having the TPMS is great, especially in the 2010 Ram. It is now required that every vehicle built since 2008 have them since the problem Ford had with their Explorer over turning due to under inflated tires.

MRRMX 11-07-2010 09:38 PM

how do you get the frozen caps off the valve stem? have a 06 charger with two frozen on caps.............. I'm glad th 07 ram does not have the TPMS......

Juice420 11-07-2010 09:49 PM thing since sliced bread.

brad12kx 11-07-2010 10:19 PM


Originally Posted by Juice420 (Post 353065) thing since sliced bread.

Second best......Hemi best! :smileup:

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