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Quiet Lunatic 08-20-2010 10:20 AM

Check Engine Light
Well, my "Check Engine" light has come on again/ This makes about 15-17 times since I bought my 2008 6.7 Ram about 19 months ago. 380 miles ago everything was reset, new fuel filter ($175.00), turbo vanes cycled (?). Was told that next time this occured, I would be in need of a new turbo. Well, my local dealer said he was on a "restriction" for new turbos, struts and transmissions so I was out of luck!. I called Dodge Customer Service and asked them what I was supposed to do with my 7800lb, 29,000 mile "boat anchor". Last wrench said I had the wrong fuel filter on, a 7micron and book called for a seven micron and he put on a 2 micron. (Lie as Mopar's filters are only 5 or 7) only 2 micron was/is, made by FASS and they're about $500 or so. Service said they'd contact dealer about a new turbo for me as I reminded them that I was under warranty still and they were obligated to keep repairing it for a total of 100,000 miles. (engine warranty and the emissions id 120,000 miles). About fed up with this crap. Should have kept my 85K 2005 5.9 trouble free truck.

erm 08-20-2010 10:57 AM

Sorry to see your new truck is given you a problem. Sounds like your dealer service department and the tech need some help with how to get things done for warranty service as well!

One suggestion...a buddy of mine who owns a medium sized construction company runs a fleet of Dodge diesel pickups. He's had similar problems but found out from Dodge that he just needs to run them hard once a week (he idles them a lot) that helps with some of the turbo, fuel delivery and emissions particulate filtration problems.

Good luck!

Quiet Lunatic 08-20-2010 02:54 PM

Check Engine Ligfht
Thanks for your thoughts, but I always run with the exhaust brake ON, NEVER IDLE and try to keep the RPMs at least 1500-2100. Nothing seems to work for any length of time/milage. My 5.9 '05 was the best truck I'd ever had and I've had a couple in my 73 years on this planet. Only normal servicing besides tires. Thought I'd try the brake and six speed auto.

erm 08-20-2010 03:00 PM

This is good info to know when attempting to diagnose a problem.

Did your dealer share what your CEL code is?

RamTech 08-20-2010 03:03 PM

I'll bet my hat there's more than one code being thrown.

iRESQu 08-20-2010 03:25 PM

Hello and welcome aboard the ForumZ. I am sorry you are having these discrepancies with your turbo. I too have a 6.7L 08' and I was told I would need a new turbo. Then a recall came in and once I got everything reflashed and updated, she runs like a champ now. I also have 28,xxx miles on her. I think I would be getting a second opinion. Just my .02 cents and see our tech is already in on this!

Diesel Geek 09-03-2010 10:40 PM

he most likely had p2262 boost pressure not detected (michanical)
you do need to have your ECM brought up the the latest software level!!! then
beat the ever living hell out of the truck. try and pull a boat with no trailer with it or something like the make it work hard get it really hot.
the next thing that will go is the EGR valve then the DPF if the flash is not done (thats if it's not there already)
i fix icoveru's truck.

Quiet Lunatic 09-05-2010 01:46 PM

Had it all reset and a new turbo ordered. It'll be installed on the 8th. Lite came on again last nite and I ran the S--t out of it for 15 miles @ 3000rpms. Lite went out. Could almost watch the fuel gauge go down. I run it like I should so no reason for the lite to keep coming on. Hopefully the new turbo/reflash will finally cure it. I realize now that there is a direct relationship to how the exhaust brake works and the CEL. Lite great; lite spastically. JMHO

GTyankee 09-05-2010 02:30 PM

I used to drive several brands of semi & 10 wheel trucks, the trouble with having a fleet of diesels & 20 some drivers behind the wheel of each of them, is that we went through turbos all the time, after our equipment shop installed pyrometers on every diesel engine, they started buying less turbos, they called every driver into a conference room & gave a short class on driving diesels. They then put a little sticker on the dash boards right next to the pyrometers, it read: shut down procedure, idle engine for 3 minutes or when the pyrometer drops to 3, which ever comes first. Never let engine idle for more than 5 minutes. We even had a shop supervisor that would go out into the field to the larger operations, he would pull the keys out of any truck that idled for more than 5 minutes, the SOB would then take the keys back to the shop with him, that would slow up the operation because the driver had to get a ride back to the shop to sign for the keys, get a lecture, & receive a letter in his employment file. Needless to say, the turbos lasted longer & the shop only had to replace them because of defects & very high mileage.
sorry for the rant, i just like venting once in a while

Quiet Lunatic 09-16-2010 11:48 AM

New upgraded turbo has now been installed and it seems to run better and the brake works better. The new turbo supposedly had a different electric notor that slides the vanes (?) on the shaft and doesn't draw as many amps as the old one. There is also a fitting that cleaner can be sprayed into to help clean the innards. Maybe my problems have been resolved,

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