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MadeInAmerica 09-10-2010 10:07 PM

crank position sensor?
hey guys, i'm pretty new to this forum thing, so please bare with me.

i have a question for you guys, and hopefully ya'll can help...

i have a 96 dodge ram 2500 with the v10 magnum and it seems to be haning some engine problems. ever since i bought it, its started kinda hard, i've replaced the throttle positioning sensor, it helped for a little bit, but then it started back up.

i replaced the fuel pump, and that helped a fair amount, but now its starting to do it again, but only every once and awhile.

it also seems to idle roughish, not horrible, but it is noticeable.

the big issues: at speeds between 55 and 60 (and now what seems to be between 55 and 75) the engine shakes so bad, the whole cab shakes. as well, at a low rpm, and a heavy load (IE: going up a semi steep hill at an rpm of roughly 1650 to 1800) the engine shakes and back fires out what sounds like the exhaust. heres the kicker, this only happens in overdrive, and as soon as it down shifts, the shaking and back firing all stops...

it does seem to have some power loss, and worse fuel economy (granted its not a small engine, but 220 miles to a 28ish gallon tank isn't all that great... is this normal for have city have hwy driving, even driving like a granny?!)

the truck has a stored engine code of the crank positioning sensor, so thats why i'm thinking this, and it makes sense.

however there are some other things going on that might take part in my problems, but i'm not sure.

any help would be incredibly helpful, so thank you for any and all help!!! and its great to be here!!!!!!!

Toms Blue Ram 1500 09-10-2010 11:14 PM

When was the last time it had a good ole fashion tune up ? Have you had it scanned for any codes yet ?

CdnoilRAM 09-10-2010 11:23 PM

Agreed, when was it's last tune up, and have you ever done a combustion chamber clean (e.g. sea foam)?

MadeInAmerica 09-14-2010 09:06 PM

i did a tune up on it when i got it, wires, oil, and plugs (doesn't have cap and rotor). i've done sea form so many times, its not funny and my neighbors hate me. a few weeks ago i replaced the plugs again, and that helped for a little bit, but not a lot, and then it went back to how it was. i had carquest scan it for codes, and they got nothin, then i took it to an electrical place, and they said it had a stored engine code. that the crank shaft position sensor is what the computer said. not sure if there's a difference between an active code or a stored code, or what those differences might be.

i've also added differend kinds of fuel system cleaner. and only one has seemed to make a very minor change for the good. so now i'm starting to wonder if its the fuel injectors. anyone know how to tell if a spark plug is running lean? i know if its running rich it'll be all foul'd out.

any thoughts if the timing/fuel injection thing might be causing it to randomly over heat? lol this things is one heck of a basket case, so sorry i'm throwing so many questions out there. probably not helpin, but thank ya'll for the help!!!

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