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Big Ed 09-20-2010 06:15 PM

Ram 2500 with engine noise.
I've had my Hemi powered Ram 2500 since March and I want some clarity on what is acceptable noise to be heard from the Hemi. I've noticed when I drive with the windows down the truck is a rather noisy beast. This is not the throaty exhaust note coming out of the pipe but rather a medley of different noises. One I assume is the "Hemi Tick" I've read much about. Another is the intake making a sucking noise while under acceleration.

However, the one that really irritates me is what I would describe as an exhaust noise that comes from the middle of the truck. It's a weird noise that only occures under a load. It mimicks an exhaust leak but without a leak. If my truck is running and I place the truck in gear the noise will start. I've even heard it while the truck is in park but the A/C compressor kicks on and puts a slight load on the engine and you hear it. I'm guessing the noise is coming from the exhaust prior to the muffler. My dealer had the truck and they state it is normal "hemi" noise. I've thought that it may be due to thin exhaust piping allowing noise to resonate through the pipe wall and subsequently sound like crap.

Of course when driving the truck the noise is pronounced only on acceleration. While coasting or revving the engine without a load will not cause the noise. I dare say it almost had a diesel clatter sound to it when accelerating.

Any suggestions?

City Slicker 09-21-2010 08:32 PM


Hemi14 05-30-2012 03:19 AM

Hi I just signed on today and I'm new at this. if i'm reading the date right, this was posted in 2010. i realize this was 2 yrs. ago, but was wondering how you made out with this noise. I have a 2010 2500 with a hemi and am having similiar noises. Mine have been getting progressively worse. It started out that it was just on start ups and would go away, suggesting the notorious exhaust leak and broken manifold bolts. It now lasts through all my driving. After start up and the idle drops off, it can be heard as an exhaust leak, what I always describe as a 'whiffle'. Then when in gear and backing up or driving forward it is much more pronounced. i can hear it on the highway, when I let off the throttle and then get back on it. it is now a loud tick. i liken it to what I read in someone elses post as 'a diesel knock'. My dealer has also given me the 'normal engine noise' sermon. Also a mechanic told me it was just the exhaust warming up, except I drive 25 min. to work and I'm pretty sure it's warmed up by then. I didn't pay $50,000 to have a truck that sounds like a 90's Ford diesel bag of shit. Does anyone out there have any info. for me? Thanks.

hersheysc 06-23-2012 01:29 AM

exhaust noise
I also have this exhaust like ping sound under load. Does anyone have a fix for it. Its really loud under load and quite annoying. My truck sounds like crap and the dealer is aware of the noise but don't know where its coming from. Im actully thinking of going the buy back route through arbritation. its called camvap or something in canada isnce we don't have the lemon law. Also does anyone else 2500 hemi make a fairly loud creak nosie when going from park to reverse or drive to reverse? Mine does and again they cannot find what is casuing this. They replaced the drive shaft but it did nothing.

im suprised that more people with this truck aren't complaing about the exhasut leak noise more.

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