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Tommy Behind The Deuce 10-07-2010 05:11 AM

Just bought 2010 1500 - noob questions
I bought a 2010 1500 today that comes with the basic head unit. I'd like to upgrade to get the non-NAV mygig, bluetooth, and backup camera (I have two little kids).

Few questions:

Where should I buy them? Dealer is asking for full MSRP on the 3 units - I assume there is a forum sponsor that can gives better deals to forum members and is also a genuine OEM dealer that will keep the warranty intact?

Will any high speed mygig work (REN or RBZ)? Or do I need the exact part the dealer quoted me (5064757AD)? I have looked on the Jeep WK Mygig page and it shows that part number as the original equipment, but there are some deals on ebay for an RBZ that I think would work - it is $350 for the 5064675AG, which is high speed non-nav, non-Sat radio. I am sure it doesn't have OEM warranty so not sure I want to go that route.

Should I stay away from RBZ units? Seems to be some issues with them from reading the allgig posts in their vendor section of the forums.

I am sure I could get an aftermarket unit for less but prefer the OEM look to keep it clean...but is their a particular aftermarket unit that forum members recommend instead of going the OEM route? Not sure I want to go down that path but will consider it.

Thanks for the help. Looking forward to the new truck!

erm 10-07-2010 08:04 AM

Welcome to the forum.

We do not have an authorized MOPAR currently aboard here as a supporting vendor. I've dealt with several of them who have eBay stores and their prices are very competitive. If you want OEM, I'd suggest going to them. You'll get a warranty too!

You do need the highspeed units for your truck. REN or RBZ will work just fine and pretty much plug and play unless you need a different size bezel to fit the double DIN size of the new unit.

I am not up on any issues with the RBZ (I run a REC/NAV in my truck) but any part number that has a higher alpha character set behind it will be a newer model.

Good luck with your choices. I totally understand about sticking with the OEM look.

One thing to consider. Do you have an amp now?

Tommy Behind The Deuce 10-07-2010 10:38 AM

Thanks for taking the time to answer...I don't have an amp....not sure whether to buy the updated RBZ for much cheaper on ebay (guy has good feedback) or pay $400 more for one with warranty that will be from the dealer and have one neck to choke, so if there are any problems when they install they can't point fingers back to the unit I provided....

One other question - is there a dodge club or other affiliation that can bring a discount from the dealer for parts? I know joining BMW car clubs of america will get 10-20% off at most dealers...



erm 10-07-2010 03:55 PM

One thing to the warranty worth the $400?

For me, new on the REC/NAV made a difference because to replace that unit would cost me over $2200 at the dealer!

I am not aware of a club that gets a discount, or much of one. We get a local discount with our MOPAR group (I set it up locally) for straight parts (15%) and accessory items (20%) but it was something they won't normally offer (it's been in place for a while) due to the hard times. They want and will charge for every dime they can.

bsboothe 10-15-2010 11:30 PM

You can try these guys: I purchased a MYGIG RER from them with the backup camera and lockpick. They were easy to deal with and guarantee their items. Plus I also upgraded RER's and it only cost me $300 to upgrade radio's that had the IPOD controller capability.

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