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moparmanicac 10-24-2010 08:06 PM

Trade in or keep
Ok so about 2 months ago I got my dream truck for a steal. 05Ram slt 4x4 4.7 r/c 3.92 rear. So far all ive put into it is seat cover a cat-back and over a grand in repairs and parts. It has had blown front hubs, rear wheel bearing, came needing break pads from the dealer warped rotors in the back, evap line needed replacing, and now an o-ring has rusted out in the gas tank creating a large evap leak, and a jingling in the suspension on rough roads that I cant find the cause. I take my truck to the Dodge dealer all to often to get parts or for reapairs the service manager is awesome and the mechanics are nice and show me everything (I used to call it a stealership but now I see why people get offended by that term lol). The truck also now that im really inspecting it seems to be to rusty for an 05. The honda dealer I bought it from said I might be able to sell it back to them for close to wait I paid for it if I buy this 25k 08 HEMI 4x4 qc 3.55 rear slt Ram they have. The payment on this might be a squeeze for me but hey its a nicer truck has the same amount of miles and isnt as rusty. Am I overreacting and should just fix my truck and just get it treated for rust or do you think the last owner beat this to hell and I should get out and get another Ram asap. I wanna hear what you guys think. I love my Ram but it hates me lol

moparmike07 10-24-2010 08:38 PM

get the 08 you be another person on the site with a 07 and 08. I live my 07 quad cab 4x4 quad cab i need the space what the do with it. But back to you what else you have to do to this truck?

RootBeer 10-24-2010 08:38 PM

Trading a truck with rust for one without rust and if the price is reasonable, I'd say go for it.

But what does say the value of each truck is?

If you do the deal, get them to throw in the warranty, at least 60 months and 60k more miles, not just up to 60k miles.

RockyRam 10-24-2010 08:41 PM

I'd say give it a little bit more love 2 months is not that long to have a truck. If you're still putting $ into it during and after the winter, then I'd look in to trading it in. There'll be more Ram's out there to get if you let this 08 go.

drivehard27 10-24-2010 08:47 PM

ya i would have to say wait and why would you buy another truck from a dealership that sold you the one you are haveing problems with i would shop around you might get a better deal somewere eles

moparmanicac 10-24-2010 08:59 PM

I was leaning towards Rockys idea b/c I its gonna be hard to for me to afford the payments on the 08, but than again itll be hard to keep fixing this truck.

moparmanicac 10-24-2010 09:01 PM

o and drivehard b/c if I went to another dealer they wouldnt give me what I bought the truck for. (18k) The dealer might buy it back at what I paid for it if I buy another one from them. Get what I mean?

platinuminjected 10-24-2010 10:15 PM

id say go fot it but i would want pretty much what you paid for it espcially after you put all that money into it

CdnoilRAM 10-24-2010 11:55 PM

It may be hedging your bets to get the 08, while I realize you aren't looking to keep up the maintenance/repairs on the '05, would it be better to lose the truck entierly if you can't afford the payments if you do get the '08?

M0PARMGNUM 10-25-2010 12:27 AM

Hard choice, if you have any doubt that you may have a hard time keeping the 08 then keep what you have. Also you might end up haveing to put money into the 08, unless its under some kind of warranty. BTW, What kind of rust are you talking about??

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