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bigedschukar 10-24-2010 11:45 PM

2WD Leveling Question
Hey Guys,

First, AWESOME forum here. I'm new to the forum AND to Dodge and loving every bit of it.

My question is of course about leveling. I've done searches for both "Leveling" and "2WD" and it seems that most of the posts are about leveling 4X4 Rams. I have a 2WD 1500 QC SLT with the 4.7L engine, so obviously I don't feel comfortable putting all my trust in the 4X4/Hemi leveling posts. I measured the distance between the tires and the wheel well and was surprised to see that the front had 4.5" and the rear had 7.5". I want to level it out, but dang, 3" of difference!!??!! Everyone seems pretty hot for the Daystar 1.5" kit, but... with 3" of difference, it doesn't seem like 1.5" is going to cut in, it will still pretty much look raked. Right?

I'm just hoping there are some 2WD Ram owners on here that can talk me down from the ledge! Maybe share some pics? Other companies besides Daystar?


BULLRAM 10-25-2010 09:06 AM

NO PROBLEM, I HAVE DONE THE 1.5, THE 2", AND THE 2.5,, now have the CST 6 inch full lift, the main thing is the difference IS about 3 inches, you are correct, BUT to get there it will be REAL stiff, unless you go with spindles, the 3 inch spacers will make it ride a lot stiffer, the best compromise is the 2 inch spacers,(dont be fooled --the 2.5 inch spacers I bought are really 3 inches) and it really will depend on how much fuel you keep in it, mine looks almost perfectly level with a half of tank of gas, but mine is a HEMI, the difference is weight of the engine on the front end, a buddy of mine almost perfectly leveled his 4.7 with 1.5's,but noe exact level he ended up taking it out and went with 2.0"s, he is much happier, and the ride with 2.0's is REAL good,it is up to you, do a search and you will see my truck, and some of the things i have found while lifting this particular truck
searh my post about lifting the 09 2wd, there are some companies that sell the spacers, I buy all of mine through

bigedschukar 10-25-2010 09:33 AM

Thanks Bullram. I did see your 2WD lift post but again, since you and most others seem to have Hemi's I was feeling like I might be facing a different situation. Who offers the 2" leveling kit? On the Daystar website I just see the 1.5". Also, based on what I've read on here, I'm assuming that if I do just a 2" I won't have to replace the shocks, correct?

Thanks again for the info!

BULLRAM 10-25-2010 11:53 AM

Yes the 2 inch will level yours out being a 4.7, a buddy has this exact setup, have the spacers real resonable, call and ask them.And no you wont have to replace the shocks at all, you can do this on a Saturday morning, and be riding that afternoon, after your alignment, it wont look bad ,but it needs it to keep your tires from wearing on the edge.

bigedschukar 10-25-2010 12:37 PM

You. Are. The. Man.


BULLRAM 10-25-2010 01:44 PM

No problem, remember to take before and after shots:smileup:

Bluesport 10-25-2010 04:50 PM

If I were u since u have the 4.7 I would buy the cst coil springs they lift the front end 3in much better than a spacer in my opinion

bigedschukar 10-25-2010 09:15 PM

Do you have experience with the ride quality on coils? Will I need to replace the shocks, and if so, any recommendations on those? Thanks!

Bluesport 10-25-2010 09:27 PM

I can not answer any of your ques based on first hand experience if I were u Id call cst directly and ask them I do not want to mislead u but im an automotive technician and I would have done coil springs if they were available for mine I did the 1.5in daystar leveling kit and I'm not happy still has a bad rake it only gave me a 1 in lift saving up now to buy the cst spindle

bigedschukar 10-25-2010 10:34 PM

Thanks for the help....I'll look into it!

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