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cyberpine 11-13-2010 08:19 PM

2010 2wd stock 20s. 315/50/20 ?? and Wheel stud and spacer question
Some local shop said 305/55/20 would fit with no problem and no mods at all. I wonder...

The rims are nice, but the stock tires (275/60/20) are not wide enough in my opinion and offset is not negative enough for my personal taste.

Anybody know..

Any chance I could go with 315/50/20?

10.5 wide i think

(1/4 taller inch taller but bit more wider)
12 wide i think

(half inch shorter but significantly wider) Note it's a 9 inch rim which I think should be enough. I've run 12 inch wides on a 8inch rim.
12.5 wide i think

Also, any body know how much meat the studs have available? Any chance I could roll with a 1/2 inch non-bolt on spacer. I know people hate spacers - but I'd really like to see them stick out a little more and and am even tempted in changing rim the alluminum that more aggresive look.

Also, the truck is brand new (400 miles).. I'd have to aftermarket these tires and will be lucky to get half of retail from them. Also, so far I'm not even doing 12mpg in pre brake in, but also I'm driving like I stole it (new Hemi owner!), but anybody know if If fit these, how bad is much wider going to hurt mpg?

I got to tell you, I'm looking the wheel well on these trucks and see nothing but a lot of space.


ScatPak07 11-13-2010 10:37 PM

I know my friend has 305/55/20 tires on his 2009 4x4 Ram and they fit just fine. I dont know if the 12.5" width will fit under there as nicely as the 305s. In all honesty I think adding some aftermarket rims would make the truck look wicked and also make the tires fit without any worries. You should get a rim with a small negative offset and that will bring the tires out to give that aggressive look.

Really if it were to rub with the 12.5" width it would be on full steering lock. So maybe in a parking lot you might have to be careful. All in all you should be fine driving where ever you gotta go. The tires should fit and I would do it myself

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