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rancherman 11-16-2010 10:52 PM

FASS anyone?
The trucker I hire to haul my corn and livestock recently added a FASS system to his otr semi.
It is a inline fuel add on which removes all air and vapor from the diesel fuel before it reaches the final filter and injection pump.
With a weary ear, I listened to him explain how his truck was lacking from off idle torque. This system was supposed to improve fuel economy and power by providing 'pure, solid fuel' to the injectors.
After one year, he is more than satisfied with the performance and economy. His truck has improved by .5 mpg (huge for a semi tractor). and he has to shift far less in the hills. Pulling away from a stop is painless too. Just let the clutch out, and away ya go.

The system cost something like $850 installed on his semi, and fuel savings alone paid for it almost the first month.

Out of curiosity, I just checked out the website, and see they offer it for most diesel pickups. ($450)
It appears to be a rather large electric pump, and special filter.

FASS stands for Fuel Air System Separation.

They claim 2-3 more mpg for our diesel pickups, with more power too.
Anyone have any yea or nays on this product?
My trucker sure is sold on it!

CdnoilRAM 11-16-2010 11:10 PM

These are a tried and true system that gets added onto quite a few top end diesels out here, the only issue is when you start running ultra high fuel rail pressures they ave been known to develop gasket leaks, but if you're not running anything like a dual CP3 or Snow Perfomance system, then they're a great thing.

I know on the 5.9L, they have netted 3-4mpg (depending on driving) to my co-worker's truck, prick's up to 27MPG on his '05 2500 :gy:

dtrmmr 05-06-2015 08:55 PM

If your current lift pump is supplying enough fuel to your high pressure pump, you will not get any mileage improvement from an aftermarket lift pump. However, the stock lift pumps are notoriously unreliable and as they wear, the fuel pressure drops. A clogged fuel filter can also limit the fuel being supplied to the high pressure pump.

If your high pressure pump is currently fuel starved, adding an aftermarket lift pump will solve the problem and you will see improved power and MPG. It isn't anything magical about FASS or other lift pumps.

When the in tank pump in my 2001 Ram 2500 failed, I installed a 950 GPH FASS lift pump and filter system. Power and MPG are back to what they were before my in tank pump started failing and I expect a much longer life from the FASS than from a replacement in tank pump.

dodge man 05-06-2015 09:18 PM

Yes, they are the low pressure pump, not the high one. They do have a better filter also. Like has already been said, unless your stock pump is failing, you won't pick up any fuel mileage. If they could pick up 2-3 mpg with something like that wouldn't they put it on at the factory?

NOBODY with a Dodge diesel is getting 27 mpg with a common rail Cummins. Maybe it possible on rare occasion but not on a regular basis. Don't buy into what the computer says either, they are often wrong on diesels, mine is off 5 mpg.

CdnoilRAM 05-06-2015 10:50 PM

Holy necropost! This one's a resurrected 5 year old thread.

dodge man 05-07-2015 01:42 PM

Didn't notice that, I'm guessing the OP is long gone.

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