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Swisher 11-19-2010 09:46 AM

PSI and cold weather
Like I said in a previous thread, after one week I love my truck.

Quick question about tire psi:

Twice in the first week I've turned the truck on in the morning and got a low psi warning. Both mornings were cold, so I was wondering if that's just a normal thing. This morning for instance, by back left tire was at 28 and the others at 30.

The first time I noticed the number would go up, but the warning never turned off. I had to fill it up to about 36 before it finally went away.

So, is this just an outside temperature thing, or do I need to have something looked at?


RamTech 11-19-2010 09:48 AM

For every 10 degrees the temp decreases, you will see about 1 psi lost in your tires so this is fairly normal. Check the sticker on the inside of your drovers door and make sure you're starting off with the right pressure (I think 40 psi is where your tires should be). and the problem should go away.

rsg1963 11-19-2010 10:28 AM

Tire size matter as well. If you're still stock, then run the correct numbers (probably between 37 & 40). If you've managed to get larger/wider tires, then less air pressure would be needed (by up to 8 lbs. less in my case). Also remember that the TPS needs some time to adjust. Filling the tire at the air station until the warning clears, is not the answer. You should fill them to the recommened pressure (cold) and let the sensors report over the next 20 minutes or so preferably while driving. Hope this helps a bit.

erm 11-19-2010 12:32 PM

What Randy ^^^^ said. I have the same issue with my car and when the tires are cold, I see a drop in pressure.

Not sure why you would have to go to 36psi. Check the door sticker for the recommended pressure. The TPMS system and PCM may be programmed to warn at 35 psi. I wonder if this can be changed...

UnLiMiTeD 11-19-2010 02:01 PM

if you have the 20 inch rims its 35 psi. Atleas thats what my door sticker told me

GTyankee 11-19-2010 02:23 PM

my alarm goes off at 30 PSI, i try to keep my tires at 35 it is what Discount tires told me that is what my 20" stock tires should be set at, someone at the dealership keeps putting 40 psi in them & the Ram feels like i am running on hard rubber when the rubber heats up after driving for an hour
I forget what my sticker reads on the drivers door post

moparmanicac 11-19-2010 02:57 PM

As others have said the past few weeks have been colder here in NJ and the season is starting to change havent checked my tire pressure in a few weeks checked it today and low about 3-4 enough for a noticable difference so I aired up today

Otterdriver 11-19-2010 03:24 PM

I had the same problem this morning, woke up to a snowstorm, -13 outside and when I fired up my truck, same thing, 3 tire pressures blinking on the evic, the two front and the left rear were at 34 psi and blinking, the right rear was at 35, I have the 17 inch aluminum alloys, the recommendation is 40 psi, the amber light on the lower left of the dash was also on......frack! I had them all at 39 psi, all the tires are nitrogen filled with nobody near to where I live that could top them up.

Otterdriver 11-19-2010 03:33 PM

I can't decide if this is going to be a dumb question or not, but here goes, does it matter if you add regular air to the nitrogen?

CajunDodge 11-19-2010 03:38 PM

I believe my system warns me at 32psi or below. I never air them up above recommended psi and then drive. Remember, air up to recommended psi and let the tires warm up and the light/chime will go off.

- Cajun

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