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Quiet Lunatic 12-29-2010 04:28 PM

2010 RAM mileage
Question for you experts...

I just bought a new RAM 1500 5.7L and it showed on sticker to get 14 city 18 hwy. I am no where close to that (12.0-12.6 mpg). The guy I bought it from has a new 10 with a hemi and he said he is averaging good gas. All he has done is a KN&N. I have a 3.92 axel ratio and I don't think it makes THAT much of difference between 3.55/3.92

Any of yall know what I can do to boost my gas mileage...I don't run my truck hard, try staying below 2200 rpm while driving unless I'm getting on a hwy or passing someone. Gas mileage is about the only downfall I have had with this truck compared to my Titan (avg 15 in city) and my UConnect not working fully with my iPhone 4.

Anyways, any input will greatly help and look forward to boosting my mpg!

Have a safe new year!

Rattlecan 12-29-2010 06:08 PM

Here, I used the "search this thread" feature and look at all the discussions on gas mileage;

Quiet Lunatic 12-29-2010 06:39 PM


Although, after reading through the first 3-5 threads it consisted of everyone just stating what mileage they got and some weren't converted to MPG (useless to me lol)..

I am asking what can I improve my 12.6 mpg?? I definitely see that there are many others getting better gas mileage with same axel ratio and motor that I have, so I am not aware if I need to do a cheap improvement such as a KN&N or spend a little money and put a CAI on... Any and all input will definitely help and I will definitely consider doing!

RootBeer 12-29-2010 07:36 PM

This help you understand why you're getting what you are.

HEMILANCER 12-29-2010 08:38 PM

what speeds do u cruise at? and do u know if the mds is working? how much mileage also?

Kleeeen 12-29-2010 08:50 PM

My 10 Hemi Sport 4x4 with 3.92's is getting less than stellar mileage, mind you I did not buy it for good MPG's. The truck has 3000 miles on the od and at this point I am getting approximately 14mpg/city and low 20's on the highway. Up this way I believe the window sticker would show 18/25 mpg. 95% of the time I drive the truck like gramps so either the truck is still breaking itself in or well I don't know.

I found out how fast the truck will go on Mon coming back from our Christmas holiday, 170 kmph or approximatelyu 105mph. I was somewhat surprised at how the truck felt re planted with no bobbing and weaving. I would think I only had the pedal to the medal for approx 1-2 miles and it was 11 am so traffic was non existant.

Flaminchiten 12-29-2010 09:09 PM

I have added a mufflex 18 inch and a access lorado tonneau cover to my truck. I see around 16mpg in mixed driving and around 20 on the freeway cruising at around 65.

Best ways to increase mileage is to get the engine to be more efficient and work easier to produce its power. CAI, Exhaust, Programmer are good places to start.

Make sure you are not carrying around any unnecessary cargo, bowling ball? Golf clubs?

Check that the tires are inflated to recommended pressures (I run mine towards the high end of the scale)

There are some more that I can't think of now

CHVYKLR 12-29-2010 10:02 PM

it's mostly your driving style and how fast you start off. I've found that gas mileage starts to drop off pretty quickly above 68 mph. I drive about 65 and easily get 18-19 with my 4.10s.

05Train 12-29-2010 10:38 PM

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Couple of things....

- The EVIC mileage is about as accurate as you're gonna get. You can hand calculate all you like, but you'll never know exactly how much fuel you've got in the tank when you fill, even if you use the same pump the same way every time. Unless you're adding a precise amount of gas and running until the engine quits, you're guessing as to how much fuel you're using.

- Don't count on your TPMS for correct tire pressure. Use a good pressure gauge, and check your tires frequently. Run them a pound or two above the recommended pressure.

- Cold weather screws with mileage. It takes much longer for your engine and transmission to warm up. The longer that takes, the more internal friction there is to overcome, and you burn more gas. Then there's the simple physics that colder air is denser, so even at cruise, you're using more gas. Then there's winter fuel blends. Then there's the extra weight of snow and slush on the undercarriage.

- I run 87 octane. You'll make more power with 89, but unless the PCM is far more advanced than most, you won't see a mileage benefit. The higher the octane, the more energy it takes to ignite the A/F mixture. FWIW, I haven't bothered to try 89, so I have no direct evidence of this, however I'm not familiar with any manufacturer's PCM that will increase efficiency during part-throttle, low-load conditions like highway cruising.

- You can spend a pile of money on mufflers, CAIs, flash tuners and the like. Mufflers and intakes will make more noise, might add some power, and probably won't do diddley for mileage. The flash tuners (like the Preadator) don't touch part-throttle timing (per Diablosport), so other than leaning out the cruise A/F ratio (which wouldn't be a very good idea), they're not going to increase mileage appreciably either. If it were possible to gain 2-3mpg by changing mufflers, intakes, or PCM programming, Dodge would do it from the get-go in order to inflate their CAFE numbers.

- I have a BakFlip F1. Part of the reason I got it was to help with mileage. After 12,000 miles, the best I can say is that it doesn't hurt mileage, and it helps stability in crosswinds.

- The single best way to reduce fuel consumption is to slow down. Balloon-foot your way to better mileage.

I took the picture below on Sunday. It was in the upper 20s, and the wind was gusting up to 45mph. I'm damn happy with that for winter mileage in a 6,000+ pound truck.

CHVYKLR 12-29-2010 10:52 PM

Holy crap...6000+lbs. what are you carrying around? that's more than a 2500 4x2 crewcab. Most QCs are around 4900-5200 lbs.

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