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silverhemi03 02-03-2011 06:18 PM

MPG's Improve or Accept??
Alright I have had my hemi now for about a month and I knew it was going to be a thirsty truck but I'm hoping to squeeze a little more out of it. I have gotten as good as 14 and as low as 12...(well except for that first tank but that was the "test the limits tank":smileup:). I drive very carefully as to get good MPG I coast as much as possible, I take off slow, I try to bait traffic lights so I don't have to stop. The 14 tank had a lot of highway at 60-65 as I try to stay under 70mph.

The truck is 2003 single cab with 93000 on it I changed to full syn motor oil wen I got it cleaned the air filter and ran STP in gas. Tires have good press. I addressed this issue in another thread but the muffler was changed to a flowmaster 40 series by me after the previous owner had a single chamber with no pipe on there and had the computer reflashed with a "P2106" and "P2175" TSB PCM.

So is there room for improvement or is this the best I'll see. Any advice is appreciated.

silverhemi03 02-03-2011 06:32 PM

Ohh...and it has 305/50R20 tires on it which are a little wider than stock so I didnt kno of that mattered or not.

hemidoc 02-07-2011 11:26 AM

I have the same truck , is yours 4 wheel drive? If it it is then you are about right it is rated for 14mrpg in the city and 19mpg on the highway. If you have 2 wheel drive it should be getting about 18 in the city and 21highway, I have took out my front drive shaft and the mpg went up to 17 to check -but that defeats the purpose of owning a 4x4 so I just live with the fact of mpg - I have added CAI,BETTER EXHUST, AND A TUNER and now get about 16-17mpg so thats not to bad....guy I work with has full size chevy with 6cyl and he only gets 18mpg if that makes you feel anybetter

HerRam 02-07-2011 12:28 PM

being the age of it...and not sure what the previous owner did to it, but perhaps changing the fuel filter would be a good idea...I don't know what it will do for your MPG's but I do know that it is one of the most neglected filters on a vehicle, and it can't hurt to chage it if it is still the original...But you have to remember, it's a truck it's gonna burn more gas. I know that there are additives to add to the tank that wil help with the gas mileage.
Good luck but at least in the end you still have a great machine!

NashvilleHemi 02-07-2011 06:35 PM

Try Lucas fuel treatment!! My Ram is an 04 QC and i drove from Nashville TN to Fredericksburg VA and got 20mpgs.. also with CAI, Superchips mileage x tune, and underdrive balencer..

stocksj 02-14-2011 01:07 PM

What about a tonneau cover over the rear of the trck to improve air flow or running with your tailgate down?

GTyankee 02-14-2011 01:50 PM

running with the tailgate in the down position or removed is a bad idea, you will get worse mileage

tests have been run by different testers, including MythBusters

i believe a good tune up, clean air filter, & a carburetor or throttle body cleaning will almost give you the best mileage possible.
Remember, winter gas formulas burn more fuel than summer gas

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