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fireshallfear 02-18-2011 10:04 PM

Lets think positive
There are numerous threads on the site specifically for problems you may be having with your Ram. So many in fact, that it almost worries me, but I have found few threads that just point out what we LOVE about our trucks. Is it the performance, the ride, the styling?

Yes, I know that most have modified their trucks to make them more powerful, styling or what have you, but what pulled you to buy your dodge in the first place? Tell the story of how/why you bought your Ram and is there something that you just can't get over every time your jump in the pilot seat?

I'll start this with my own story

My love for the Ram goes back quite a long time, in my eyes at least. My great uncle drove a Ram for years and I remember as a kid, we would get up early and get a cup of coffee, hot chocolate for me, and drive down by the river. The buzzing sound of the key in ignition warning drew me in every time. And the amber running lights on the roof. So as soon as I could afford my truck, I headed for the dealership. I'm a paramedic and I worked an 12 hour shift over night the day before my dream was to come true. I got off work at 8am and headed straight to the dealerships. By the time I found the dealership, the truck, and had everything worked out, I had about a half hour to admire and cruise in my new toy before reporting to work again for a 24 hour shift. I was exhausted by the time I was back at work, but totally worth it.
Still to this day, every time I get in my Ram, I feel like a kid in the candy store. The styling of the body and the sound of the Hemi, not to mention the power on tap. There is nothing I dislike about my truck, but of course there is always room for improvement. But over everything, I love the feeling of sitting next to a little rice rocket punk kid who thinks he's hot stuff. Their face when they see Hemi and stare up at me just makes my day, and its even better when they are left sitting on the line as I tear away, grinning from ear to ear.

So lets hear it, why a Ram, and why are you keeping it?

jjklongisland 02-18-2011 10:37 PM

Well my love for Dodges in general were spawned by the Duke boys. Growing up I became a car/truck nut but always gravitated towards the Chrysler Corporation vehicles. I always wanted a Ramcharger and after I got married I bought an 84 Ramcharger 4 spd with a plow for $1600... Plowed with her and loved everything about the truck except the carburetor... lol. Made a few grand with her and took her on the beach and sold her 3 years later for $1600 so I could get a pick up. With a house and lots of work to do a pick up was alot more useful. Mind you the Ramcharger and Pickup were my spare vehicles... I have a newer SUV (previously a Suburban and an Armada) for the everyday stuff. I new I wanted to replace the ramcharger with a Ram but wanted to stay true to the 1st gen old school no bs styling but it had to have fuel injection. I found my 89 W250 with 74k original miles one owner truck for $800. Thew a big set of wheels and tires on her, added a plow and drive the crap out of that truck and she didnt studder a beat. She plowed 39 hours straight (with me and a buddy switching) of heavy wet snow and wanted more. I couldnt kill her. The only reason I sold her cause I was offered $4500 4 years later. I really needed an extended cab now with a 3.5 year old and wanted another bad ass so I waited for months and found my current ram. A 97 with 79k on her. Totally overkill with the V10 and rear air bags since I dont really tow much but once I saw her I knew she was what I was exactly looking for. I will most likely keep this one for a while... Long bed, extended cab, no rust yet... She will be my toy and lost likely will continue with the mods...

Other Dodges I really want to own other than my dream car a 68/69 Charger is a Lil Red Express and another 4 spd Ramcharger like the one in the pic below and a Viper when I hit my mid life crisis in another decade...

thedvsmonkey 02-18-2011 11:00 PM

I wanted a powerful vehicle even before I had one at all! One of the first cars I ever bought was a used Honda Civic CX and when I was on vacation with the back filled with suitcases I actually jerked my body forward in the hopes it would help propel the car forward when I was on even the slightest uphill incline. I swore that when I "grew up" I would have a vehicle that actually moved when I pushed on the gas pedal. Jump ahead to when I was a Deep Sea Diver in the Navy. A lot of guys had Dodge Ram trucks and they used to say "I could pull a house down with this thing." Jump ahead to a few weeks ago. This winter we've gotten more snow ever since I've lived in this area. In fact it's been dubbed Snowpocalypse 2011! I was driving my Scion tC (if you want to call it driving) and every time I had to get into it I got more tense and during the blizzard I was downright petrified! So, I called my friend that works at a Toyota dealership and said it was time. He picked out about 5 vehicles that he felt fit my description of what I wanted and as soon as we walked outside I immediately picked the Ram first. Truth be told, even though I did drive 2 other vehicles, my decision was made as soon as I got in the Ram. And I couldn't be happier! Unless gas prices dropped suddenly :D

fireshallfear 02-18-2011 11:01 PM

jjklongisland, thanks for the reply, I was beginning to think that everyone else thought this thread was a waste of time! Great story though, nice to see people who like to cherish the older body styles.

sk8noregon 02-18-2011 11:21 PM

Well, I think my curiosity started when I saw the movie "Twister". Since then I have always liked the body style of Rams more than any other because of the smooth.....round lines. I was a Chevy person by heart and still am, but there was room for another in there and it was for the Ram after I finally test drove one in 07 and took it home with me. I love everything about it now !

fireshallfear 02-18-2011 11:24 PM

sk8noregon, thanks for the post, I find it funny now that two people who have posted on this thread have said that they got the bug after seeing a Dodge in the media, perhaps the commercials should be cut and all the car companies should be buying movie time instead!

jjklongisland 02-18-2011 11:25 PM


Originally Posted by fireshallfear (Post 447985)
jjklongisland, thanks for the reply, I was beginning to think that everyone else thought this thread was a waste of time! Great story though, nice to see people who like to cherish the older body styles.

I have always liked the simplicity of the 1st generations.

I also loved the saying, "If ya cant beat em, Dodge em, and if ya cant Dodge em, then Ram em...

fireshallfear 02-18-2011 11:37 PM

It is kinda nice to have the necessities, no extra bluetooth this and stability that. Almost like camping when I was a kid, a Coleman tent and a fishing pole; compared to kids idea of camping nowadays, 35 foot fifth wheel with satellite tv, A/C, xbox, ect... Sticking to the basics. If I had the room for it, I would like a 67ish Charger, just no garage space left, the boss says her car gets a garage stall, and if anyone its married, you know, what she says goes!

Excoastie 02-19-2011 08:30 AM

I bought my first Ram in March of '08. It was sort of an impulse buy, as I had never really given the Dodge trucks much thought as I didn't really care for the looks of them before the 3rd gens came out, even then they had to "grow on me" if you know what I mean.

I've never been one who really cares what name is written on the hood of what ever vehicle that I'm driving. I've had Fords, Chevys, and even a mini GMC. One day the wife wanted to go check out the SRT4 Calliber that was at a local lot. The sales man saw my Expedition that I was driving and started going ga-ga over it. He really wanted it, and ended up making me the preverbial deal that I couldn't say no to.... I drove away in an '08 QC Big Horn, paying less than I was on my Expedition..

Fast forward 2 yrs. I saw my current truck on the dealers' website. I went to look at it, and they made me another deal that I couldn't say no to. Paying about the same for a better equipped and better designed truck. I don't regret it, and would probably do it again.


CajunDodge 02-19-2011 09:38 AM

I was hooked on my first Ram, 1981 D-150 Custom, 318/727, which we ended up doing some nice engine work on. Previously I had been a Chevy kid myself when it came to trucks, and even when I saw that old Dodge the first time, yes, it did have to "grow" on me as the previous owner would tell you if they were here, lol, especially with the grille being gone, bad bondo job on the hood, rat's nest for wiring etc., but once I drove it and got used to its quirks, there was just no other truck for me and it was also the perfect color, garnet and gold for my favorite college team at the time! Needless to say, "The Beast" was put through her paces more than a few times, raced by me many times, much to the chagrin of my ex lol and just would not quit, never left me stranded anywhere, always came back for more!

Eventually, it became less reliable as a daily driver since my commutes to work seemed to keep getting longer, so I kept her for my short haul work truck and relied on my Jeep for everything else. When it came time for me to be in the market for a vehicle once again, I really was after another Jeep but decided to look at the trucks instead as I really had missed having a pickup. My '81 had manual locks/windows, was a regular cab, shortbox, 4x2 etc. so, to me, I didn't need all that fancy power stuff, just a good solid truck that would do what I needed it to do when I need it to do it and the Ram fit that bill perfectly!

Honestly, I like something about each gen Ram, but my current truck still has some style cues in common with my '81, which, sadly I sold at the behest of my dad lol. I like feeling bigger, wider and taller like I do in my truck, but I feel safe and confident in the fact that I have a well built, well designed truck that fits my lifestyle and personality, so much so, I didn't even test drive it, just signed on the dotted line! :smileup:

BTW, I think this is a great thread idea! After all, who doesn't like talking about why they love their Ram and what they love about it?! :)

- Cajun

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