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cornishman 03-04-2011 03:24 PM

Auto box help
Hi guys im'e a newbie on this site so hope i post this in the right place

Im'e from the UK got a 2003 Ram heavy duty slt dually 5.9 diesel 4 speed auto box and in need of advice,bit of a story so i will cut it short

Had geabox driven to destuction in the States ,had it rebuilt by AMCO.
Shipped truck and 5th wheel to UK after rebuild,after about 400 miles gearbox self destructed in the UK,AMCO warranty no go over here

Rebuild number 2 everything now ok done about 3k miles untill monday
No 4th gear all other gears changing ok switching overdrive on and off no different still no 4th,

Under warranty now so on the back of a tow truck to the transmission shop.
Nothing wrong with the box but they say something to do with the box being told its -40 F and will not shift into 4th.
Its +10 c here today

At the moment they are reseaching into the reason why and how to overcome this

Question is ,is there such a setting on the gearbox to stop it changing into 4th ,have you guys come across this before

Thanks for reading this HELP !!! i want my truck back


Kruzer 03-05-2011 11:57 PM

I've seen a lot of wierd trans shifting problems due to corroded battery terminals or bad ground connections in cummins engines. So you might inspect the battery terminals to insure they are properly cleaned. There is a delay in shifting into overdrive if the trans fluid is too cold to prevent damage. Without being able to scan and diagnose the vehicle this is merely a guess. Good luck with your problem.

cornishman 03-08-2011 03:11 PM

Thanks for the reply Kruzer

The transmission shop says that is the problem ,the gearbox is being told its -40 f .im'e going to get it back from the shop and give it a good run its 50 miles from the shop to home so maybe it might cure itself with a good run and get the oil nice and hot.
I might add that its only 2 miles from home to work so maybe not giving the transmission chance to heat up on every trip may not help


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