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LUBINATOR 03-08-2011 09:01 PM

The opposite direction

I am posting probably the complete opposite of most "engine" mod questions.

Most people seem to want a loud exhaust.

I love my music and I installed a quality system in the truck to hear the music, not blast it over the noise.

I have a 4.7, I am interested in more MPG, less exhaust backpressure to coincide with the MPG's, and as quiet in the cab as can be attained. The stock exhaust is not to bad on my 2009, but I think I can gain 1 or more MPGs with a less restrictive exhaust.

Forget about the CAI, I believe the stock one with my drop in K&N is just as good, and a lot less noisy.

As far as chips/programmers go, I see most are for performance gains, not MPGs.
If there is one for the 4.7 for mileage, and better upshifting and some more hp when I need it, please let me know.

I do drive without a heavy foot, but am glad for the HP when I need it or when towing.

Right now I get an overall of 16 to 18 city and up as much as 22+ on the highway, cruise on, fairly level roads, my tool and parts load is about 1200 lbs +or-

Thanks for suggestions.


RamTech 03-08-2011 09:39 PM

For what you want to do, I like Borla and Magnaflow. They're aren't terribly loud, they're less restrictive and they sound good.

moparmanicac 03-09-2011 12:39 AM

Agreed do not know much on Borla but magnaflows that Ive seen on truck around here arent loud at all dont know about performance dont know anyone w/ one personally

RumbleRam 03-09-2011 05:45 PM

I like flowmaster myself they sound pretty good and can be quite to loud depending on the muffler you install

GTyankee 03-09-2011 05:57 PM

flowmaster has 3 muffler types, single chamber, dual chamber, 3 chamber, the 3 chamber is the quietest

magnaflow 18" is pretty quiet, but, has a nice rumble IF you were to press on that skinny pedal with your windows open & you pass through a tunnel or the road has sound barriers along it

i have no experience with other exhausts

BigOrange 03-13-2011 11:20 PM

I say check out the 22" & 24" magnaflows, they will yield the most gains with the more quiet tone. I just put a Flowmaster Super 50 with an 18" resonator in front of it on my truck, and its real mellow on the inside, but has a nice growl on the outside.

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