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X3RX3SRagDoll 03-14-2011 04:44 PM

Might be electrical....
About a year ago I purchased a '97 Dodge Ram 1500 from a private owner for $1500. Ran fine for a month then everything went wrong in a chain reaction. Since then I have put in over $4000 into this truck. After having it throughly inspected and repaired it ran fine for a good while. A week ago I changed the oil and the GEN light came on. The Altenator cable had completely burned in half. Replace it. Since then my RPMs keep dropping and the truck either cuts off while I am stopped or even going 6o down the highway. The other day it wouldn't start at all and today to get it to start I had to hold the gas down.... PLEASE help im going insane and broke from this truck!

RamTech 03-14-2011 04:48 PM

Have you checked the PCM for any codes? You should have the fuel pressure and volume checked with regards to the fuel issue. Are the throttle body and IAC passages clean? This can cause starting and stalling issues too. How about the ignition system, what kind of shape is it in? Take a look at your battery terminals and cables. they should be clean and tight on both ends.

X3RX3SRagDoll 03-14-2011 05:33 PM

When I do a key dance it gives me a 1-2-5-5 (don't have my book in front of me to be sure what that is at the moment) But I took it to Auto zone and they had no codes read out after replacing the Altenator cable. Just the code on the key dance. When I had the truck looked over and repaired of all seen and unseen problems at the time I had the fuel lines and filter replace because of a fuel leak that was unknown to me at that time that my mechanic found. Tomorrow I am going to have it put on a computer to be checked yet again. But what I have been thinking is like you mentioned is that the IAC is gunked or the TPS. Also been thinking maybe just MAYBE so I don't have to spend more money that it just hopefully needs to be reset after replaceing the Altenator cable. The battery the terminals and cables are all brand new also. Havent thought about the ignition system but I will also look into that.

X3RX3SRagDoll 03-14-2011 05:44 PM

Heres what I had done 11/29/2010
Oil filter, Vacumn lines, drain plug and gasket
Tuned engine and replaced fuel O-Rings at fuel regulator. Replaced Dist cap, rotor, plugs, plug wires, PCV valve and air filter.
Replaced battery, battery cables, and cable to fuse box.
Timing replaced, both gaskets replaced. Has new water pump and clutch fan. New thermostat. And all this isn't including all my under work.

RamTech 03-14-2011 06:43 PM

If you want to do the throttle body cleaning yourself, check out this link.

X3RX3SRagDoll 03-14-2011 07:08 PM

Thanks. I will update you more tomorrow if I get the chance.

X3RX3SRagDoll 03-15-2011 02:00 PM

The throttle plates were clean but cleaned again. It was the other O-rings at the fuel rail that wasn't replaced when the other O-rings were replaced. But after replacing these O-rings I had the Idle and PCM reset. So hopefully ::fingers crossed:: I won't have no more problems.

RamTech 03-15-2011 02:03 PM

That would damn sure cause it. I wonder why they didn't do those to begin with.

X3RX3SRagDoll 03-15-2011 02:08 PM

I asked and they said becuase they wasn't the ones leaking at the time it was the others but one of the rings had cracked since then and just over time I was loosing more and more pressure when I would stop or slow down.

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