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015.2Ram 03-24-2011 09:44 AM

01 heater not real hot
01 Ram, 5.2 motor. I noticed this am that the heat is not getting real warm. It is warm but not hot, not close to chasing me out. Is there anything special to look at for this. Rad fluid looks pretty clean. The controls work, the air will blow to what ever vent I put it too.
I know nothing about these trucks, heater systems. Is this a clogged core? Is there a vavle of some sort that controls them that may be bad?
Is this just a straight out flush of the system to gt rid of a clog inthe core? Is the core hard to get to on these trucks?
Any help insight would be great.


015.2Ram 03-24-2011 09:45 AM

Not knowing what types of hvac systems may have come with these trucksm the system is a straight frwrd system, no auto climate control if they came with them, etc.

RamTech 03-24-2011 10:15 AM

Have you checked the thermostat to see if it's stuck open? The heater core could also be partially clogged or the blend door mey not be functioning.

015.2Ram 03-24-2011 10:34 AM

I have not checked anything. Just got truck and had first cold night. The heater controls works, it will bow to what ever vent I choose. The heater temp control does work it, if I put it to cold the heat will get cold, if I put it to hot it will warm up just not real hot. The trucks appears to be running at a good running temp.
This truck would have a blend door? I thought that was only on soemthing that has a automated dual climate control system?

RamTech 03-24-2011 10:36 AM

They all have blend doors for temp control.

015.2Ram 03-24-2011 10:38 AM

The AC gets cool as it should for what that is worth.

015.2Ram 03-24-2011 10:39 AM

OK, how do I correct a blend door that is out of wack?

brad12kx 03-24-2011 10:40 AM

I agree with RamTech. Blend door is the best bet. :smileup:
If it's OK, then I'd start looking at a good cooling system flush, and possibly replace the heater core.

015.2Ram 03-24-2011 10:44 AM

If I flush the system (prob should be done anyways) and throw in a new thermo, can I go to the next lowest thermo? If so does the computer have to be reprogramed.

015.2Ram 03-24-2011 10:47 AM

Cn I DO the blend door myself? Procedure easy?

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