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Excoastie 03-26-2011 10:51 AM

I hate waiting!!
Sittin' in the motel room in Nowhereville, OK waiting for my train to get called.
I tend not to be patient to begin with, but it's even worse when I can look out the window and see a train that I should be taking south just sittin' there.

I understand that there needs to be a certain amount of spacing between trains so that things don't get all jammed up, but it doesn't mean I have to like it LOL

The next train coming is about 6 or 8 hrs away. That is a long time to be sittin' in a motel room trying to amuse yourself. I guess I'll see if I brought any DVDs with me

thanks for allowing me to vent


CajunDodge 03-26-2011 12:25 PM

LOL I have to agree with you, patience has never been my strong suit, either, but at least you have the Z while you wait. :)

- Cajun

jcasey10 03-26-2011 12:55 PM

Hey, man I was in your spot yesterday. 7 hour drive from Texas to Missouri. Had to go pick up the new boat, but it felt like forever. Especially on those back Oklahoma roads.

Excoastie 03-26-2011 02:24 PM

Dana, yes there is the forumz, but believe it or not I even get sick of surfing LOL you can only do it so much

I feel your pain Josh, it's not the long hours at work that bother me so much, it's the long hours waiting to go to work....

I'm told tha the phone should ring any time now, as they're about ready to send the train out, I'm just hoping that the're not lying to me again.

Time to break out my latest book, (Love You More by Lisa Gardner)and try to continue to past the time


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