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Pull Ya 03-28-2011 05:03 PM

LE Support---or not?????
I recently was reading a thread from a poster on this site complaining about a ticket he had received. As I read through the 6 pages of comments, I read the most common complaints people have with LE officers and the criticism we hear from time to time from people we have contact with. What really suprised me was the number of members on this site that seem to chime in and berate LE officers in general and of course relate their stories about so and so did this to me, and I got a ticket for, and I didn't like the way someone talked to me--etc etc. Things seem to have really changed since I first started my career some 46 years ago when most of us were taught to show some sort of respect to our LE officers. I realize, as many of you do, that we have a small number of "bad apples" in this profession but it just seems as though the poison they have spread seems to have affected many many people, including many members of this forum. Either there are a lot more "bad apples" now then ever before, or we aren't doing a very good job of getting the message out that we really are here to help our citizens and make them safer(in spite of themselves sometimes) and that we do in fact deserve their respect.
What do you think fellow LE professionals?

RamTech 03-28-2011 05:21 PM

I'm no officer but I tend to agree. Sure, there's a few officers out there on what seems like a power trip, but for the vast majority, they do their jobs in a professional manner. I never understood the point of mouthing off to an officer when someone is stopped. It doesn't help the situation and I've never once seen or heard of anyone giving an officer attitude and getting out of their offense. My personal experience has taught me that if you disagree, take it to court. I've beaten a couple of tickets this way and all it cost me was a little bit of time to go to court.

sinned 03-29-2011 01:11 PM

I think a lot of it is "youtube". Before, when you had a bad experience, a few of your friends heard about it. Now you post up a video of it on the internet and 100,000 people view and all think the cop was a douchebag. Of course what they don't know it that you were driving like a di%k and then didn't pull over for 3 miles to get him good a riled up before you started the camera.

RamTech 03-29-2011 01:23 PM

I wonder what would happen if LEO's could post up videos on YouTube capturing the violations from their on-board cameras?

Pull Ya 03-29-2011 01:44 PM

When I started in '66 we didn't have cameras and the Miranda desision was not in effect. As I think back---maybe it's a good thing we didn't have cameras :LOL:

After reading that "ticket thread" and thinking of the bad rap we get for being such a close knit group, I remember that everytime you get into a social situation with civilians someone always has a story about a damn ticket they got or a friend of theirs got, and they want you to explain it to them. It's no wonder that most officers socialize between themselves, so they don't have to listen to that crap off duty as well as on duty. I also believe that in most cases(there are exceptions) if you treat people the way they deserve to be treated you don't have to worry about sitting anywhere with your back toward the door--Remember I said there are exceptions to this!

SCHP52Ram 03-31-2011 02:48 AM

I agree with you totally. I lived by a rule right up until I retired. Treat people like you want to be treated. That was my first advise from the sheriff I sarted with and I never forgot it. For the most part it worked for me. I believe the real problem is the media though. They can stur up a lot with just little. Most officers are just doing there jobs, there are good and bad just like in any proffession. Thanks to all the officers out there who place there lives on the line everyday for me and you. Oh and by the way for those who did not know this. This year has been the deadlist for officer in our countries history and we are in March. 50 plus killed in the line of duty already.:wow:

moparmanicac 04-04-2011 11:33 PM

I think most leo's are in it for the right reasons I deal w/ them everyday being a vol. firefighter and I can say Ive never met local cop in my town personally that seemed like a the big dick so many people make cops out to be. If I was a cop and had to deal w/ the general disrespect day to day when Im out there actually doing something good Id get jaded to eventually everytime Ive been in trouble ive always been nice and acknowledged that fact that I was doing something dumb/illegal and Ive never had a terrible experience w/ the law and I do alot of dumb stuff it respect goes both ways

RedRam10 04-04-2011 11:44 PM


Originally Posted by SCHP52Ram (Post 487889)
"I believe the real problem is the media though. They can stur up a lot with just little. Most officers are just doing their jobs, there are good and bad just like in any proffession. Thanks to all the officers out there who place there lives on the line everyday for me and you.:wow:

I agree completely, there are several LEOs in my church and we exchange conversations about the problems of our society and it often comes down to public image or perceived image. The media can paint a bad picture of any situation.

You all are to be praised for putting your lives and reputations on the line every day.

MADDOG 04-05-2011 12:45 AM

I personally know several LEO's (two city officers and a county deputy) and they are great people. I've been stopped a few times (honest, only a few!) and one time the guy was a pure a-hole to me. The other LEO's were direct and very business like.

One thing about all LEO's I've met (and been pulled over by) is that they all like to have the last word and invariably, they end the stop with a lecture. Now that particular trait really rubs me the wrong way and has me biting my tongue.....

Va5.94x4 04-13-2011 09:35 PM

There are some LEOs out there that make bad decisions, and now with youtube, it gets blasted all over the place and everyone judges all of the LEOs because of 1 or 2 officers actions.

I hope to become a LEO in the next few years and i have a great deal of respect for these men and women that choose to put there life on the line to protect us. Seriously thank you for all that you do...same with Fire Fighters and Military personnel!

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