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hemifrank 03-31-2011 04:12 PM

Tire and wheel help please
Hey all, okay I have the stock set up with 20' aluminum wheels. I am wanting to upgrade to all terrain tires. Now my trucks not lifted or anything just a reg 2010 quad cab with hemi. How big of tire can I go with without lifting? And will this even look good? Should I get a smaller wheel size then the all terrains? I'm new at this so I'm not really aware of what combos are available. Can anyone post pics of what their stock height rams look like with all terrains and nice wheels?
Thanks for any help.

GTyankee 03-31-2011 05:21 PM

i went through this same thing last month
i went to Discount Tire & asked about getting 18" rims to replace my 20"
i wanted to keep the same ride height
my thinking was that 18" wheels were much cheaper than the 20s & i could save money
now came the part that people that sell rims don't tell you
now you need tires for use with the 18" rim, to keep the same ride height, the tire sidewall has to be taller & the taller the sidewall, the more expensive the tire

i will let someone else tell you what width & height that you can use without rubbing issues
if you go with new rims, pay attention to the OFFSET

starquestbd22 04-01-2011 10:09 AM

The stock 20s will look great with a nice set of A/T tires on them. I went with the stock 275/60/20 in an A/T tire and I love it. If you keep the stock rim or get aftermarket rims with similar sizing and backspacing, you have several options. It really depends on if you are wanting a taller tire, a wider tire, or both I guess. 305/50/20s will fit with no modifications. It's a good deal wider than the stock tire but its also a bit shorter. Prices on that size run very close to the price of stock size tires. 305/55/20s look better I think because they are wider but actually a smidge taller than the stock tires. But they are also quite a bit more espensive and I think you would need either a front leveling kit or 1/4 inch spacers to keep them from rubbing a little. Those are the most popular sizes on the factory wheels but there are some other options too like 275/65/20s (slightly taller than stock, no fitment issues, but limited manufacturers and expensive) or 285/60/20s or 285/65/20s (very slightly wider, quite a bit taller than stock but once again limited manufactures and very expensive).

Just do a Google image search for the sizes you think you might be interested in and you can look at all of them you want. For example, Google image "Ram 305/55/20". You can also throw in the manufacturer you are considering and if it's a popular tire you will likely find pics of the exact tire and size on a Ram posted somewhere.

I'm a huuuuuuge fan of Cooper Zeon LTZ but there are a lot of good tires out there. Happy hunting!

ScatPak07 04-02-2011 12:11 AM

I saw you wrote something about smaller wheel size. It would look much better with the bigger rim I think. Changing the wheel size doesnt really have anything to do with the tire. You will have the same choice in tire really, and they will look the same on the truck. I have a set of BFG A/T KOs on my 11 Ram right now. I love the tires they are fantastic. They look really good and they and comfortable. The best thing is they do not make a noise on the road. they are a little pricey but they are worth it. They have a great wear life so they will last you longer.

I have them in a 305/55/20 and I do not have any problems. They are measured out to be a 33" tall tire, so it matches the height of the stock tires. They are a touch taller but not much. They look great being wider though, gives an aggressive look to the truck. If you keep the stock wheels you may have a slight rubbing problem when you turn the wheel at full lock. I do have rims on the truck, but the offset is only 18mm. The stock rims are a 20mm offset which means there is a 2mm difference. Now this is very minor so you might not have any rubbing like me. I love the tires and I highly recommend them to anyone!

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