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wpatters1229 04-06-2011 02:03 AM

B350 Van with 360 engine erratic idle when cold
This just started. When cold as in the morning...not much below 50 degrees outside so not that cold, the van starts just fine and then starts to sputter and spit...and sometimes runs fast almost as if someone was pressing on the gas...then sputters and almost dies....sounds like plugs mis firing but then it goes fast again....if you try to drive it will sometimes stall. After it warms up it runs like nothing has ever been wrong. This all seemed to start after my last fill up. Put some gas and fuel injector cleaner in the tank and two bottles of 90% rubbing alcohol in case it got some water in the tank.
Does this sound like fuel pump or fuel filter? I sprayed carb cleaner into the fuel injector carb while running and cleaned the contacts in the cap and cleaned the contact on the rotor. Nothing helped.

Any ideas on what to replace or check next?:thk:

sdram03 04-06-2011 12:41 PM

wonder if the Intake Air Temp Sensor is flaky or MAP sensor goin bad.

wpatters1229 04-07-2011 01:35 PM

air temp sensor where is it
I thought of that too from what I have but where is it. There is a thing that is on the bottom of the air cleaner housing that has a hose that goes to the carburator and another that goes to the flap in the intake of the air cleaner. Everytime I take the air cleaner off I never seem to remember which hose goes to which spot on that module that is on the bottom of the air cleaner. There is one that goes to the center of the module and another to a connection on the side of off center. Anyone know which goes where? And then where is the intake air temp sensor so I can inspect it or replace it.


wpatters1229 04-09-2011 02:43 AM

Where is the MAP...what does that stand for? I am going to replace the intake air sensor since it is cheap and easy to replace. I also would like to know which line goes where on the air cleaner. The value works in the air cleaner intake but just want to make sure it is work as it should. Right now I have it plugged so there is no vacuum leak and the air intake valve is allowing air to come from the hose that is at the front of the engine and not from the heater hose that goes over the exhaust manifold.

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