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98sst 04-24-2011 03:51 AM

98sst vs $70,000 camaro
So cruising home tonight at about 8:30 it was still light out. All the classic cars were out. I pulled up on a 67-70 camaro what was silver with black stripes. Sounded pretty good. Had some wider tires as well. I came up behind him on a 4 lane road and he moved over a lane and miraculously the light went red. It was warm out so our windows are down. both of us had passengers and I looked over and his passenger said hey and i casually asked hows it going, Lol, and he said do you want to run that thing? I replied sure and we rolled up to about 25.

It was kind of awkward because they were wanting me to launch first then they'd follow. Well, I bet they're glad that didn't happen. Their passenger counted down 3,2,1 just on his fingers and we went. Thank god for my new VB because it kicked down to 1st gear. Both of us were scooting.

Surprisingly I was RIGHT beside him. 2nd gear came for him and his tires chirped and then 2nd came for me and we still kept going. at this point he was slowly beginning to pull and then another ram pulled out infront of me... ass hole.

but anyways i passed that truck and was smiling the whole way up to the following light. I gave him the peace sign and so did they. Then I hear a yell "HEY!" and I looked back at him and the passenger said "This is a $70,000 car!" I then said "This is a $7,000 truck" and slapped the door, then drove off.

That guy has to be feeling like shit. This camaro was NICE!!! and it barely outran my 4200 lb underpowered truck.

chithead 04-24-2011 09:55 AM

Dude! That is an awesome run! Congrats, those little cars can fly!

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