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ramvan2500 05-22-2011 04:06 PM

Dodge Ram Van Conversion Window Replacement...
Well a while ago, about 3 years ago I quit playing golf. The reason why I quit other then no time was mostly because of the custom made window that I broke on my van, though not my van at that time. Well anyways for a while after I acquired the van I spent time looking around for a window for it and surely I did come up with some people but the window would be around 200 Bucks, the window would be made by Creation Windows who went out of business the same year the window broke so they were still around. Well I had planned on replacing the window then and the price was what prevented anyone from doing anything, seen how the van had alot of mechanical problems at the time. Well I went searching again about a week ago and found a guy who was able to track down just the glass for 179 bucks. I really hate to replace just the glass because I don't have all the tools etc to replace the glass and hiring some glass guy would cost a fortune. So I had been waiting to go to the junk yard that had a 96 Dodge Conversion Van, converted by the same Conversion company Sherry Designs Inc... Well I went their yesterday and the van their had the framed window I needed, the frame design scheme didn't match but the size was exactly the same and it was a Custom made for Sherry, Creation Window. So I removed the window from the van and along with other little nick nacks to keep like fuses, wires, relays, headlight bulbs, and an extra TV. I would of pulled all the other windows off the keep as back-ups incase but didn't have the money to do so. I would if I had the space had taken the fiber glass top off the van as well to keep as backup. But I will just have to be careful when I drive to not damage anything... Bless me with that.

Well I bought the window for 24.99 and the TV was 10.00 and their ya go a new window.

I had done a ton of mechanical and some electrical work and done a load of wood work inside the van, sanding it down and polyurethaning it. I did most of the wood but not all, wasn't really required to do all.

I had replace the vent window also about 2 weeks ago because the frames on the old ones had rusted very bad.

Here is a list of work that I have done so far. The van is mechanically finished and the van overall is about I'd say 98% finished. This does include accessories so I plan to put a hitch on so that part of the missing 2%

Replace Spark Plugs - 8 - Gap .035i - Bosch
Replace Throttle Body Plate Screws - 4 - Stainless Steel
Replace Throttle Body Gasket - Felpro
Replace Thermostat
Replace Water Outlet Gasket - Felpro
Replace Heater Tube
Replace Heater Hose
Replace Step Well Tube Light Strip - 2
Replace Aircraft Light Bulb - 4
Replace Driver Side Inner Bearing - Timken 3500#
Replace Spindle Cotter Pin - 2
Replace Under Hood Light Bulb
Replace Air Cleaner Mount Gasket - Felpro
Replace Air Filter - Fram
Replace Water Pump
Replace Water Pump Gasket - Felpro
Replace Windshield Washer Pump
Replace Axle Cover Gasket - Felpro
Replace Oil Filter - Mopar
Replace Transmission Filter - Pro-King
Replace Transmission Pan Gasket - Pro-King
Replace Oil Cooler Line Assembly - Passenger Side
Replace Front Right Brake Caliper
Replace Front Left Brake Caliper
Replace Front Right Brake Pads
Replace Front Left Brake Pads
Replace Front Right Brake Caliper Hardware
Replace Front Left Brake Caliper Hardware
Replace Front Right Brake Hose Copper Washer - 2
Replace Rear Right Brake Wheel Cylinder
Replace Rear Left Brake Wheel Cylinder
Replace Rear Right Brake Hardware
Replace Rear Left Brake Hardware
Replace Rear Right Brake Adjustment Kit
Replace Rear Left Brake Adjustment Kit
Replace Rear Brake Hose
Replace Rear Brake Lines
Replace Rear Brake Line Fittings - 5
Replace PCV
Replace Battery
Replace Exhaust Clamps - 4
Replace Right Windshield Wiper
Replace Left Windshield Wiper
Replace Breather Filter
Changed Oil - Valvoline 10W-30 - 5L
Changed Differential Gear Oil - Valvoline 80W-90 - 64Oz + 7Oz Trans-X
Changed Transmission Fluid - Valvoline ATF+4 - 4 Quart
Flushed Radiator
Change Anti-Freeze 2 Gallons Anti-Freeze + 2 Gallons Distilled Water
Changed Windshield Washer Fluid - 1 Gallon 32+F
Flushed Brake System
Changed Brake Fluid - Valvoline DOT 3-4 Synthetic - 32Oz
Replace Vent Window - 4
Replace T-Bay Window
Replace T-Bay Window Channel Run - 2
Rust Removal Rear End
Interior Cleaning
Exterior Cleaning
Interior Wood Redone
Repaint Wiper Arms
Replace TV Oak Retainer

Well here is the list of work that still needs to be done:

Add Curt Mfg Class 3 Trailer Hitch
Add Tow Harness
Flush Power Steer Fluid
Change Power Steer Fluid - Valvoline Power Steer Fluid Synthetic
Replace Upper Ball Joint - 2
Replace Anti-Sway Link and Bushings - 2
Replace Shocks - 4
Replace Fuel Pump
Replace Fuel Tank Filler Tube Grommet
Replace Fuel Tank Filler Hose
Replace 3rd Brake Light
Replace A/C Lines
Replace Filter Drier
Replace Driver Side Glass Channel & Run Inner
Replace Driver Side Glass Channel & Run Outer
Replace Passenger Side Glass Channel & Run Outer
Replace Passenger Side Glass Channel & Run Inner
Replace Temp Control Knob
Replace Bracket Bolt
Floor Rust Cut and Patch + Paint
Hi-Top Sand and Reseal
Fiber Glass Step Well Touch Up and Reseal
A/C Recharge
Add Locking Gas Cap

Here is a photo of the newly installed window and the old one.

Old Window:

New Window:

Here is a photo of the new window from the inside!

Here are some random interior photos of the van :)

Good Night

RedRam10 05-24-2011 01:48 AM

Nice work, looks like you've taken good care of it.

ramvan2500 05-24-2011 11:20 AM


Originally Posted by RedRam10 (Post 532280)
Nice work, looks like you've taken good care of it.

Well someone has to! :P Well today I might do some small small suspension work. I still have to replace the driver side upper ball joint along with both tie rod tubes and ends inner and outer. Today I am going to get an HD Upgrade Anti-Sway Bar Kit. Alot of my bushings are all dried out and cracked and going to replace them slowly cause 20 bucks here 5 bucks their adds up to like 500 bucks in the end. But I got it running and the engine just sounds excellent, the interior is just gorgeous the outside it passable but I am going to have some paint work done. I am mostly happy now that I was able to find a window for it cause they're getting harder to find now that the conversion van is being phased out, especially with gas prices.
Anyways I might replace my shocks they're rusted up pretty bad but still work so I'm going to postpone replacement so I can get a little more use out of them. I dread the replace the bushings in the control arm pivots because they are a pain to replace especially me lacking a press to remove and install them. I do have to get new pivots cause mine are rusted up pretty bad but over all it's ok. The steer gear I think is shot cause their is way to much play in my steering wheel especially having a damaged spider in my steer column coupler. But I can get a steer gear for 40 bucks and ball joints for 25 so it's not that bad but like said adds up very fast. But I love my van, I'm one of those morons who spends more then it's worth but it's my pride and joy. I am going to probably replace the transmission eventually with a rebuilt one or one from a junk yard that or I will rebuild mine with a new bell housing cause mine has some damage but still works. I was at the junk yard and saw a 96 van with only 67K miles I would of taken the transmission had it been the same model. I have a 46RH it had a 48RE I think 48 Something. But I could always get a transmission upgrade kit and upgrade my clutch pack to a 48. But then again do everything in stride.

Oh I put some photos of my van on the group. I wanted you to know I got a build sheet for my van and the paint is code PR8 Deep Molten Red Pearlcoat

CajunDodge 05-24-2011 11:55 AM

It does look good, you sure have put a lot of work into it, nice job and thanks for sharing the pics! :smileup:

- Cajun

ramvan2500 05-24-2011 11:32 PM


Originally Posted by CajunDodge (Post 532496)
It does look good, you sure have put a lot of work into it, nice job and thanks for sharing the pics! :smileup:

- Cajun

OH hect yea, I love to brag about my van lol all this worked I kind of earned the right too. Taking the pictures is such a pain in the butt cause old camera then loading each one up to tinypic but at the end I usually don't mind. It's just being able to talk to other dodge ram people that is the best. I put new sway bar links on today and the ride is a bit stiffer. Much better than before.

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