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H22A1 05-31-2011 12:32 PM

snapped front axle
i have a 2010 hemi 4x4 and was out in the bush on some muddy roads out camping. came up to a bog that didn't look bad, so in i go. i have 33" goodyear duratracs, and the lsd axle so i thought it would be easy. got have way through then i hear a clunking noise, and notice im not moving. spinning rear wheels, front driver side staying put. got some help and got out of it in 2wd, but when i went under the truck i saw the axle joint sheared off and clunking around when the trucks moving. its over at the dealership now getting fixed. they said warrenty will cover it as long as they dont find any signs of abuse of what not. im just wondering if this has happened to anyone else. are the front axles that weak? i wasn't pushing at all really. 50-60% throttle though a mud puddle basically.... a axle shouldn't have snapped from that...anyways makes me weary of offroading if components are that fragile. im looking into skid plates and what not for added protection, but something just doesn't seem right when something like that lets loose...

RedRam10 05-31-2011 02:23 PM

Hi Tyler, sorry to read about the breakage. I haven't seen any other complaints about that issue so maybe just a weak part.

I'd like to invite you to join us in the Red Ram Social Group and bring other Red Rams to the fold. You can use the link in my SIG to jump over and while there post a few photos of that Red Ram of yours.

H22A1 05-31-2011 02:34 PM

ya for sure i will put some pictures up over there.
dealership called me and said they wanted to do 50/50 on the repair. said axles just dont snap and said it was probably hit hard. something like a pothole or something. i don't remember hitting anything, but its hard to argue. i have aftermarket mud terrains too so that didn't help my case.... so its getting fixed. i don't need to start a war with the dealership.
They also said my rear diff fluid is dirty. i find that weird since it was flushed last week and full synthetic with the lsd additive was put in. maybe just excess fluid that wasn't drained completely got mixed in...not sure if the other shop pulled the cover or not. its been quite the day though. have to be a bit more careful in the mud i guess :P

GTyankee 05-31-2011 03:22 PM

Tell them that you want the broken pieces for a trophy, then take those parts to a shop that works on 4X4 trucks for an opinion on how it could have broken, it may have been a badly made part

Just a month ago, i had my 2X4 at the dealership to get the complete drive shaft & U-joints replaced, manufacturing defect.
Then i went to a Dyno Shop that does repairs & upgrades the very next day & had a finned differential cover put on, it has a magnetic drain plug in it. Then they filled the rear end with Royal Purple.... NOW here is the kicker, last week i went to the dealer to get an oil change & have a cracked exhaust manifold replaced, when i picked it up, they said that my rear differential fluid needed changing & that it was dirty!!, i had not been anywhere where the road wasn't paved & had driven less than 300 miles since the change to RP. They also said that my transmission needed servicing, i had changed it to RP at the same time as the rear end, i had a COMPLETE fluid flush & the inner & outer filters changed. Everything is still clean under there, so they had to see that everything had been recently worked on, i think they go by what your computerized history reads, not by what a Tech told them

H22A1 05-31-2011 03:58 PM

ya im not sure what it is with the rear diff and the dealership, but it seems everytime i go in they tell me its dirty....i put in full synthetic under 1000km's ago (last week) then went camping. i was on gravel/muddy roads but it still shouldn't have even made a dent in the fluid for the amount of time it has been in the diff for. I think either the full synthetic or the additive looks dirty even if its clean. just the fluid color. has to be something along those lines for them to keep mentioning it. as for the axle i should ask for the broken one and get it checked out. if i remember right it let loose while in 4wd making a tight turn in a field of shallow mud. was trying to get out of it and i started to hear the noise. at least thats my best guess to when it snapped. even the service manager told me he has never seen one snap besides on the heavy mudder trucks that are lifted and what not. he was quite surprised it broke.

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