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starquestbd22 06-14-2011 09:15 PM

Does DSP and/or Superchips alter tranny with a canned tune?
Hi all. I'm still kicking around the idea of a tuner, trying to decide whether I want the DSP or Superchips, and looking for a good deal. I'm also coming up with new questions all the time. Here's the latest...

Do these tuners alter your transmission or shifting in any way if you simply load one of their preloaded tunes (such as the 93 octane performance tune) or is the tranny alteration a stand-alone option?


snrusnak 06-15-2011 01:34 PM

The superchips has several options. You can do a "quick tune" which basically is all preset options, and tunes based on the following choices: mileage xs, 87, tow, 91 perf, 93 perf. I've used the tow, 91 perf, and 93 perf quick tunes and they all alter trans shifting.....You can also do an "advanced tune" in the same settings: mileage xs, 87, tow, 91 perf, and 93 perf.... and you can customize your options such as rev limiter, tire size, gearing, fan on temps, etc.... I almost always have mine set up with the 91 perf "advanced tune" and adjust my fan on temp, I leave every other setting basically the same as the "quick tune". So in short, yes the tuning adjusts transmission, but there is another option called "stock with options" which I assume leaves everything stock including trans, but allows you to change tire sizes, gearing, etc...

erm 06-15-2011 02:06 PM

The DS Predator has a shift firmness option and also a shift point at WOT setting option.

I didn't touch either one of them. My shifts did firm up a bit with just the canned 91 tune.

starquestbd22 06-15-2011 03:13 PM

Thanks guys. I have read a lot of comments about people liking the improved shifting. I just plan in running the 93 octane performance tune and I was wondering if the modified shifting was part of this.

snrusnak 06-15-2011 09:31 PM

Yeah I ran the 93 tune when I first got the superchips but I changed to the 91 tune because anytime I had weight in the bed (even my 375lb buell) i would start to get detonation because of how far advanced the timing was. The guys at superchips told me the 93 tune only makes approximately 3-6 hp over the 91 tune, so I figured I'd run the 91 tune with 93 octane and be able to use my bed for light to medium loads without retuning(you're not supposed to haul/tow in the performance tunes because of the advanced timing). Now that I have been running the 91 tune I have easily hauled my bike amongst other things up to probably 1000 lb without any issues/struggling/detonation.

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