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Timbo114 06-18-2011 10:56 AM

OK, I got it!
I'm new to the DSP.

U7137/9R12crom 05 Ram1500 Hemi QC 4x4

Can you Hemi guys with DSP experience help me out with some of the settings that you've found to your liking - in day to day driving?

I've installed the MPG booster for starters, and added 10% throttle boost.

Anyone have shift point suggestions for SW PA rolling hills & graded terrain?

Should I stay where I'm at for a bit before I try 9t12c CROM?

Thanks in advance for helping the noob.


crackerzach86 06-18-2011 11:48 AM

I just did the 91 octane tune and turned the mds off and I noticed pretty big difference. I know you can just restore it back to normal whenever you want but I'm a little scared to change the shift points and rev limiter without knowing what's gonna happen. I'm thinking that I'm gonna take it in to a shop by my house and have them dyno tune it. That just seems a little safer to me. Has anyone else had it dyne tuned and was there any difference in performance?

platinuminjected 06-18-2011 11:54 AM

i have the trinity on mine and im on the 91 octane tune with the mds turned off aswell and there is a pretty big difference in my truck aswell but as for changing shift points and rev limiters iv been hearing mixed reviews and dont know what to tell ya there but there are a few ppl here that has it done and im sure they will chime in when they see this thread

MADDOG 06-18-2011 12:01 PM

There's no real reason to change any of the shifting parameters at this time. Run it for a while.

Also, understand shift point setting assumes you are at WOT and not just cruising around. So, what you want to do there is to set the shift points at least 200 rpm below redline as a start so that you don't get hung up on the rev limiter.

If you do get a dyno tune, remember that in order to be able to tune with a Predator, the shop needs the DS software and some training.

Having said that, if you use a DS authorized shop, they can set the optimal shift points as they tune, seeing where the engine makes the most HP and torque, then setting the vehicle to shift as it reaches each of those points.

Good luck with the Predator. I like mine...a lot... :D

Timbo114 06-18-2011 01:37 PM

My HEMI doesn't have MDS, so that's a bonus for me.
I've already switched over to the 87 Perf tune - so I can play with my last 1/2 tank of fuel.
I did 12% throttle boost and upped the rev limiter to 6200 in drive.
We'll see how much fun this will be, and then move on from here.

Thanks for the input and info.

* I do find one thing a bit puzzling ...
In 87 tune, I cannot see anything in the Quick Adjust parameters besides tire size adjustment.
In which tune menu would I be able to see all of these items?

ESP mode
Enable or disable the ESP (traction control), NOTE: When disabled the ABS, ESP BAS and (Brake) lights will be illuminated and ABS will not be operational
Reset TCM adaptation
Resets the learned TCM adaptation(instead of pulling a fuse).
Shift Points
Raise shift points by a predefined setting, 5.7L's (1-2 5800rpm, 2-3 6000rpm, 3-4 6000rpm), 6.1L's (1-2 6400rpm, 2-3 6400rpm, 3-4 6400rpm).(N/A on Jeep)
Shift Firmness
Reduces torque management between shifts for a firmer shift , N/A on SRT8 vehicles.
Autostick auto upshift

MADDOG 06-18-2011 01:46 PM

You have to go to the Modify Tune section. Quick adjust doesn't have too many options.

Try this menu tree after you have plugged in the tool and turned on the ignition:

Plug in the Predator, choose Performance Tunes > Diablo Tunes > (select your current tune > Modify Tune > Modify Parameters >

Then you'll get a menu of options you can modify. Don't touch any spark, knock or other parameters at this time. It's best those are tweaked by an authorized DS tuner who knows what they are doing!

Timbo114 06-18-2011 03:06 PM

Looks like I'll have many items to 'play' with inside this DSP.

MADDOG 06-18-2011 03:22 PM

Awesome...have fun!!!

Just don't fry your PCM.... ;)

Timbo114 06-18-2011 03:37 PM

I'll be careful.
I've had a decent amount of experience with the VW VAGCom system - it's the same type of animal, just in a different skin.

CollateralDamage 06-19-2011 04:27 AM

I have the predator myself, to be honest if i would have done some more research i would have got the trinity, im quite noobish myself with it, and from what i have seen DS's customer support is a little lacking. When i was on the 87 octane tune running 87 Gas when coming out of MDS it would ping and kinda studder. Now i changed to MPG Booster and left the throttle boost at Zero. There is a guy up here that supposedly is DS certified once he has a chance to look at it ill give some more updates. But if i were you i would be careful about screwing with anything with any sound advice, some sites i have seen people talk about how they have blown their engines because of not knowing what they were doing.

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