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LeTempt 06-21-2011 11:05 PM

Air Conditioner Pressure Specifications
I have a 2002 Ram 1500 w/4.7L engine. Air conditioner cools ok, but does not seem to get quite as cold as it used has been really hot in AL. Stopped by Harbor Freight the other day and they had a manifold gauge set for $39 and used a 20% off coupon. One of those tools that I will probably only use once every few years, but for about $30 I might check my a/c system pressure (and my friends) every year. My (Chilton) repair manual does not include a/c pressure specifications. Have seen some generic tables online based on the outside ambient temperature. Assuming it will be 90-100 degrees when I test my system pressures, it looks like the low pressure side should be 25-43 psi and the high side should be 165-270 psi. I have seen other charts that say 30-40 psi on the low side and about 2.2-2.5 times the ambient temperature on the high side. Wondering if anyone knows the specific pressure ranges for my Ram. Thanks in advance.


RedRam10 06-23-2011 01:39 AM

Hi, I don't have an answer so, it's time to .........:icon_bump:........... this back to the top!

tmerritt530 06-23-2011 01:58 AM

Chrysler Service Manual says for 90 degrees ambient air temp that the low side should be 30-40 psi and the high side should be 250-300 psi

trmorissette07 08-08-2011 08:29 PM

just about all AC systems that run 134a should be the same if you can find a Temperature Pressure Chart (TP Chart) take your ambient temp for 134a add 30 degrees and look at your PSIG that should be your high side pressure. as far as your low side goes 30-40 is a good pressure. monitor what they are at when your engine is at a higher RPM also, have you tried cleaning your condenser coil, you can clean it with a hose and it can make a surprising difference in how your ac system performs.

Silver Bullet 08-09-2011 09:18 AM

TRMORISETTE07, you mentioned cleaning the condenser coil with a hose, would this follow the lines of me low-pressure washing my engine? This should keep this clean? I'm very comfortable with older mopar engines but this is the first I've owned with a/c. I try to keep my engine relatively clean (washing or hosing off comes with it's own challenges, i.e. too much water, have strange lights on dash light up first run after the rinse, turn off truck, restart and all clear. Thinking I need to do some weatherproofing here.) Again, I've never worked with and a/c before though, except recharging a '90 cavalier. I've just begun to recharge the a/c in my truck this morning and called for the specs from the dealer on how much is too much and was told, "Follow whatever is on your recharge kit, 99.9% of the time they are right." Thanks for any help with my question and hope this helps someone else too. Just be sure to buy a recharge kit with an accurate gauge and FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS! If I may make a recommendation here, I'm really liking the recharge kit from Interdynamics, their Arctic Freeze Ultra Synthetic seems to be very good and came highly recommended by all at my local Advance auto. Cost: $34. Good luck to all and glad I found this Dodge site to finally be a part of something for my truck. Pics to come soon, please be on the look out. Thanks

trmorissette07 08-09-2011 07:33 PM

yes low pressure washing your condenser coil will help. just be sure to hit it head on and not bend any of the fins on damage the coil. anything to help the air flow will work. the condenser coil "removes the heat" from your cab so if its cleaner more heat can be removed. I know on my truck my condenser coil has its own separate fan and is not in front of my radiator. looking down into my engine its in the front right hand corner. as far as strange lights coming on.. possible that your getting water into your pressure switches and they are causing codes.. also with the recharge kits I actually have never used them. I use a set of gauges and go right off of a 134a tank, I'm not sure how they operate but while charging the system be sure to throttle it slowly in through the low side going to fast could possibly overload the compressor. hope this helps let me know if you have any other questions

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