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2500REDRAM 07-12-2011 01:51 AM

Surging Idle... did the search...
Hey guys/girls, so I spend a lot of time using this site to help trouble shoot issues with my truck and its been a big help, so for that I say thanks! I own a 2001 Ram 2500 5.9l gas. I am having the same issue many experience with these in that I have the surging idle issue, ramps up to 1500rpms. No check engine light. I have searched this issue so not to pull a newb move and post up something that has been covered to death. Just wondering if someone could chime in here that has experience with this issue and post up what is most likely the issue/what most people did to fix the issue. OR post up the most likely causes for this issue. I have seen vaccum leaks, IAC, TPS sensors suggested and throttle body cleaning.

Thanks in advance!

98redbull2 07-12-2011 11:45 PM

first easiest most common thing is to pull out that IAC valve or even better pull the throttle body off and then pull the IAC valve out and clean both very well. should do the trick. try that and get back with us.

snrusnak 07-12-2011 11:53 PM

My first thoughts were either IAC or TPS as well...

98redbull2 07-12-2011 11:57 PM


Originally Posted by snrusnak (Post 567345)
My first thoughts were either IAC or TPS as well...

yup, easiest way is to check voltage on the TPS and clean the IAC out.

The Codes 07-13-2011 01:29 AM

All of the above are things you should do, also I dont know how accurate the knowledge is but I read somewhere that the surging idle is caused by the computer trying to compensate for the problems that the plenum gasket being blown is causing. So might try checking your tb throat while your cleaning your tb, look for pooled oil or a oil covered tb throat and you most likely need to fix your plenum gasket.

98redbull2 07-13-2011 03:43 AM

if it was burning oil that would be a concern, and it would have to be really bad for it to actually affect the way it runs. ive seen reaally bad blown plenum gaskets and the truck ran fine, or by some devine kowincodence his truck might actually be doing that lol ya never know. but i doubt it, not to be a smartass or anything.

does ur truck burn oil snrusnak?

2500REDRAM 07-13-2011 10:20 PM

No, no burning oil, other that the surging idle it runs well. Drives me mental. So most find that a simple clean will do the trick? Ill try that first and get back to you guys. Thanks a lot. Oh here is a pick cause well Im a newb.

snrusnak 07-13-2011 10:30 PM

Pick didn't show up for me..... Yes try cleaning first, if not fixed then check both sensors as described above....then post back.

My 2010 4.7L does not burn oil lol....I think you didn't mean that question for me....?

The Codes 07-13-2011 10:43 PM

I just suggested to check the plenum because I had this surging idle issue, and of course I was burning oil, and once I fixed the plenum gasket the surgeing idle went away..I get a small surge every once and a while and thats because I need to clean my tb lol but yeah anyways. good luck man

2500REDRAM 07-14-2011 11:29 PM

Well I took the tb off the plenum, looked pretty clean in there but the throttle body was a mess. removed the sensors, took some throttle body clean and gave it a good bath, cleaned up the sensors and now it purs like a cougar on saturday night! I don t know if Im imagining things but it seems to have better throttle response and a bit more pull??
Anyways I just wanted to thank all the members who chimed in here. A surging idle fixed with a $5 can of spray and 20min is a great fix in my books. THANKS GUYS!!

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