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marshallsmith44 07-13-2011 07:05 PM

mod 4.7 or swap for hemi?
Ive been looking at alot of performance parts lately wanting to get some more power out of my truck, I was going to originally buy a hemi but got a good deal on the 4.7 and saved alot on insurance in the proccess, well anyways im trying to figure out if i should mod my 4.7 to get more power or try to do a hemi swap? dont have to have a huge amount of horsepower or anything like that just would like to have the power to be able to keep up with a stock hemi ( my friend has a 03 hemi and thats about what i want mine like power wise ) i know the big three make a decent difference (cai,exhaust,tuner) suggestions and comments appreciated thanks

The Codes 07-13-2011 07:18 PM

well I think it would be alot cheaper to mod yourself some power vs buying a hemi and swapping it unless you get a really good deal on a hemi. I am not familiar with the I dont know how much help I can be, but as far as some mods that will add power I can list a few, I might mention also that some of them are more expensive then others. A higher ratio rockers will help, along with the big three, ported/polished heads, headers (long tube or short, either will add power), a gear swap will increase your off the line time (higher ratio, better torque multiplyer to my understanding), a custom tune to go along with the tuner, aluminum radiator=cooler temps, as well as efan, a lot of people run 180 degree t-stat, ported tb. Thats about all I can come up with at the moment, but a lot of that stuff can get pricey as it adds up. Just depends exactly how much power you wanna try to get.

marshallsmith44 07-13-2011 07:26 PM

thanks for the reply, and ya i agree it can get pricey, also i have found a couple low mile hemi's for 2k but then i would have to either get it installed or have some help because i dont know exactly how to do a swap nor am i experienced with swaps. and i dont know what the going rate for a shop to swap a motor is probably wouldnt hurt to find that out

snrusnak 07-13-2011 07:47 PM

swap would be expensive. It'd be better to sell and buy a hemi. You should be able to get to 300-350 hp for less than a few grand, which is just about hemi territory, and would be less expensive. Check out air ram's website, it's a bit hard to navigate to me but it has a section dedicated to the 4.7L. The have adapters to swap to the newer style engine parts, which should get you closer to 300hp, then tuner, exhaust, intake, etc...will get you above that. An aftermarket torque converter is also good for about 10-25hp depending...

marshallsmith44 07-13-2011 08:38 PM

thanks man, im thinking about doing h/o cams, intake and tuner and i should probably be fine for now, maybe get allite head work done also

snrusnak 07-13-2011 08:44 PM

Good luck, check out the video of air ram's 4.7L, it is quad cab and really's on their website. Tune, intake, exhaust, maybe HO cams, and newer style intake manifold would definitely put you over 300 hp. On this engine changing cams is easy (relatively) as all you have to do is basically remove valve covers since it is overhead cam. Intake manifold would be a fairly simple swap as well.

marshallsmith44 07-13-2011 08:53 PM

thats good to know looks like it would probably be smarter to keep what i have than doing a swap right now if i was going to do a swap id probably just trade it in for one

starquestbd22 07-14-2011 12:49 AM

I agree with going some route other than swapping in a hemi. Obviously you are going to have to buy and swap the engines (and of course you could sell your 4.7 to offset that cost) but you are also going to have to buy all the little stuff that is specific to the 5.7 engine....definitely the hemi PCM and who knows what else. I would say do the cams, intake, etc on your truck if you are going to keep it or just trade up on a hemi truck. I was just looking earlier (out of boredom and curiousity really) and I can get a hemi that is basically identical to my truck in color, miles, options, etc. and I think it was one year newer for about $4,000 or so more than what I could probably sell mine for. You might want to think about that and weigh the cost of doing those serious mods on the 4.7. Just my thoughts.

Also, I need to update the original thread but I know you were following my Superchips opinion thread so I thought I would tell you my final thoughts on that. I think the 20 or so hp and torque is there, it just comes on so late in the RPM that you aren't really going to feel it in everyday driving. However, the truck definitely holds on to gears a little longer, resists shifting so much, and shifts a tad quicker/firmer. This kind've mimics more power because it doesn't lag so much. Would I give $350 for a new one on our model truck? No, probably not. Would I give $200 for a used one like I did again? Yes, I would. If you decide to, keep an eye on Ebay and you can get one for that pretty easily.

marshallsmith44 07-15-2011 09:26 AM

Thanks for the update man, and ya I just bought the truck a few months ago so I think I will end up keeping it and doing mild mods like getting a programer and being satisfied plus i plan on a leveling kit or lift for mine in the near future so I will most likely make the best out of what I got especially bc insurance is crazy on me with a hEmi

The Codes 07-15-2011 09:57 AM

good luck with the mods or whatever you decide to do man

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